We take a transformative approach to conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Responsive Institutions (CPPRI)

Our work in Geneva and beyond


UNDP seeks to strengthen national and local capacities for conflict prevention, including providing support to national processes and actors in mediation, dialogue, negotiation and consensus building, fostering social cohesion, and strengthening institutions that promote conflict prevention and peace.  

UNDP's CPPRI portfolio includes Buildoing National Capacities for Conflict Prevention Joint Programme, Conflict Prevention, Preventing Violent Extremism, Climate Security, Core Government Function and Local Governance and Sustaining Peace. 

In Geneva our conflict prevention and peacebuilding portfolio implements policy with peace actors including – NGOs, academia, think-tanks, the private-sector, international organisations and member states to anchor UNDP’s conflict prevention and peacebuilding offer. 

In Geneva our conflict, prevention and peacebuilding offer engages with partners through:  

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