From local to global governance: UNDP podcast on how multi-level governance can contribute to sustaining peace

October 24, 2023

About the podcast 

Global changes and crises such as climate change, heightened risk of natural disaster, migration and displacement, socio-economic injustices and pandemics have effects that trickle from the global or international level down to national, local and community levels. These are challenges that must be addressed at multiple levels of governance to future-proof peace and development gains. However, the linkages between the local, national and global levels of governance are often weak. This does not only impair the potential to manage risk - it also erodes the trust of local communities and individuals in the institutions and systems that are preconditions for sustained peace. In fragile and conflict-affected settings, mechanisms for stimulating participatory Multi-Level Governance, rooted in local-level priorities, have the potential to address grievances and build trust between people and the public authorities that serve them, thereby contributing to peacebuilding efforts at local and global scale.

This podcast brings together multiple experts and practitioners to discuss new data and findings on the role of multi-level governance in sustaining peace in fragile and conflict-affected settings. The discussion emphasizes definitions, demands and tools for strengthening multi-level governance in fragile and conflict-affected settings. The podcast also highlights the potential of multi-level governance to strengthen people-centered recovery that addresses grievances, including those at the heart of conflict. The purpose is to demonstrate approaches and tools that hold potential to enhance legitimacy and trust in State-society relations, ultimately contributing to peacebuilding and increased stability.