UNDP at Geneva Peace week 2022

October 28, 2022
Geneva peace week 2022

The overarching theme of GPW22 is ‘Peace is Possible'. Geneva Peace Week 2022 will continue to build upon the thematic discussions that emerged in 2021, while creating spaces for contextualizing and discussing recent local and geopolitical developments, and how they impact the work of those working towards a more peaceful and just society globally.

Event Details

31 October - 04 November 2022


UNDP events at the Geneva Peace Week: 

Beyond the digital: How to leverage technology for human-centred peacebuilding 
The roundtable discussion, chaired by Ms. Agi Veres, Director, UNDP Office Geneva, will explore digital peacebuilding as a holistic approach that needs to engage with both the technical and social dimensions of peace and conflict and engage a diversity of partners and stakeholders. It aims to move the discussion “beyond” the digital to explore how peacebuilding initiatives can form alliances across civil society, governmental and intergovernmental organizations and the private sector to find answers to challenges that emerge at the intersection of digital technology and society. 

Wednesday, 2 November, 13:30 – 14:45 CET 

Maison de la Paix, Geneva 

 Using digital tools and behavioural insights (BI) to measure and design peacebuilding interventions in the online space: Lessons learned.  
This workshop will jointly be organized by UNDP, UNU, UNIDIR and Google, aiming to create a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing on practical approaches to using behavioural insights, innovation and digital tools in peacebuilding. Innovation and digital tools help access big data and implement more in-depth analysis of a given context and target groups we are working with and, as a result, craft effective peacebuilding interventions. The UN organizations will share lessons learned from past and ongoing projects on how artificial intelligence (AI), social listening, randomized control trials (RCTs), and behavioural insights (BI) tools have emerged and are successfully being utilized for peacebuilding. Google will present broader knowledge of digital tools, and approaches practitioners can explore to maximize the use of digital solutions to improve the visibility, outreach, and impact of peacebuilding initiatives. Join us to discuss and share knowledge on innovative approaches to peacebuilding.

Wednesday, 2 November, 12:00 - 13:15 Online 

Small arms survey, UNDP Joint RBAS and RBA 
 This event seeks to better understand the dynamics of these risk factors in the selected regions of the southern Libya borderlands and North-Western Nigeria. It relies on a report by the Small Arms Survey and the United Nations Development Programme that utilised quantitative surveys of people’s perceptions of factors (or drivers), actors, and values associated with violent extremism

Friday, 4 November, 09:00 - 10:15




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