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Our focus

Djibouti and UNDP in action

Integrated development solutions driven by country priorities and UNDP’s new Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025 introduces the evolution of #NextGenUNDP into #FutureSmartUNDP. More than a mantra, it is our new benchmark for success in the future of development. Building on UNDP’s 50 years of expertise across 170 countries, this new approach allows us to focus and prioritize where country demands are greatest. By working together in this way, we aim to expand people’s choices for a fairer, sustainable future, with people and planet in balance.


Today's development challenges are complex, and each context is different. That's why we tailor our work to fit the needs of the countries and communities we serve.

UNDP designed a Strategic Plan to be responsive to the wide diversity of the countries we serve in three broad development contexts: eradicating poverty; structural transformations; and building resilience.

To respond to these issues, UNDP has identified a set of approaches that we call our six Signature Solutions.

  • Keeping people out of POVERTY
  • GOVERNANCE for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies
  • Crisis prevention and increased RESILIENCE
  • ENVIRONMENT: nature-based solutions for development
  • Clean, affordable ENERGY
  • Women's empowerment and GENDER equality

Each solution has the potential to unlock the path to sustainable development. But no one solution will succeed on its own. We need all of them to achieve the SDGs.


In Djibouti, UNDP is supporting Djibouti pursuing structural transformation, leaving no one behind and building resilience though the six signature solutions using digitalization, strategic innovation, and development financing to scale up development impact.

Our work

See how our integrated signature solutions – powered by digitalization, innovation and development financing – are accelerating impact and scale in Djibouti

To accelerate achievement of the sustainable development goals, our work focusses on tackling interconnected development, humanitarian and resilience challenges and seeks to reduce poverty, gender and geographic inequalities and exclusion.

It fosters environmental sustainability and resilience through integrated strategies. It supports the most vulnerable and enhances national and subnational institutional capacities for inclusive growth, poverty reduction, prevention of violent extremism, and enhancement of social cohesion.

UNDP Djibouti country programme 2018-2024 rotates around three interrelated pillars, which together can generate catalytic, transformative, and systemic changes and help of Djibouti attain its sustainable development goals