Strengthened Livelihood and access to basic health services

UNDP supports the republic of Djibouti in eradicating poverty, mitigating the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, building individual capacities for inclusive access to sustainable livelihoods, health, employment opportunities and promotes women and youth empowerment thanks to the contribution of partners such as Global Fund, Global Environment Facility, European Union, Government of Japan, USAID, Denmark, Islamic Development Bank (ISDB0 and all UNDP institutional donors.

To mitigate the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 and recover quickly from the socio-economic crisis, UNDP in partnership with Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry. initiated “Rising Djibouti” portfolio targeting economic empowerment of a wide range of populations affected by COVID-19 crisis and focusing on the rehabilitation and promotion of micro, small and medium enterprises in the green and blue economy 
UNDP also works closely with Ministry of Health in partnership with UN agencies and other development partners in strengthening health systems, ensuring continuity of essential services, building  capacity and enhancing community-based health services. As primary recipient of Global Fund, UNDP supports Ministry of Health to expand coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.

UNDP collaborates with multiple partners, and in particular with the European Union, on gender issues and supports Ministry of Women and Family on women empowerment through various livelihood interventions and economic packages such as literacy programs, entrepreneurship trainings, capacity building, grants and creation of savings accounts. 
Together with its partners, UNDP contributed to youth empowerment for sustainable development reaching out to youth through the implementation of youth-oriented programmes such as Arab regional Youth Leadership Programme, Generation Unlimited; COVID19 Challenge of Innovation and Rising Djibouti portfolio.
To be inclusive and to leave no one behind, after supporting the formulation of the first National strategy for people with disabilities for inclusive development and its costed action plan, UNDP continues to work closely with the National Agency for people with disabilities (ANPH) enabling inclusive development.