Enabling and inclusive governance framework for sustainable development

UNDP contributes to accelerating sustainable development by supporting national development planning and financing, expanding inclusive governance, access to justice, human rights monitoring and gender-responsive programming through UNDP's institutional donors, the European Union and the Government of Denmark.

As the lead UN technical agency for socio-economic impact and recovery, UNDP has played a key role in analyzing the socio-economic impacts of the government's pandemic and supporting Djibouti's socio-economic response to advance mitigate the impact and strengthen sustainable development. This is done with the support of government resources and partners such as USAID, Japan.

After supporting the Government in the development of the National Development Plan "Djibouti ICI" 2020-2024, fully in line with the sustainable development goals, UNDP is supporting the formulation of the Integrated National Development Framework that will organize all resources allocated to achieve the goals of the National Development Plan.

UNDP is working with several line ministries by providing strategic advice, technical support and assisting with resource mobilization.

To mobilize private sector financing for the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UNDP has partnered with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Secretary of State for Private Sector Development, and the Chamber of Commerce to develop the SDG Investor Map to explore themes and investment sectors that have significant potential to advance the SDGs.

To strengthen judicial governance, UNDP is supporting the Ministry of Justice, through the European Union, in improving access to justice for all in remote areas through expanded mobile justice, capacity building of justice actors, creation of a judicial information management system, and alignment of criminal law with ratified international conventions.

Finally, UNDP is working closely with the Ministry of Decentralization to promote social and local development by focusing on policy and operational support through capacity building of regional councils and civil society organizations.

To increase development impact, UNDP will continue to support digitization, strategic innovation, and development financing.