Environmental sustainability and climate resilience

UNDP, in support of the Government through the contribution of global partners and funds such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF), undertakes initiatives mainly in the areas of biodiversity including protected areas, climate change, energy, systemic and institutional capacity building and helps the Government of Djibouti to access available funding, with a focus.

Thus, through several projects, UNDP is assisting the Government of Djibouti in building climate resilience and working with local communities and civil society organizations to improve livelihoods.

Several projects are funded by the Global Environment Facility and contribute to the preservation of marine biodiversity by expanding marine protected areas and reducing sectoral pressures on marine and coastal biodiversity. UNDP also supports building the resilience of rural farming communities and preserving the terrestrial ecosystem to mitigate climate change and enable improved livelihoods through increased productivity of agro-pastoral communities.

UNDP is working closely with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy to promote access to affordable energy for people living in extremely remote areas through the installation of mini-grids.

Through small grants or micro grant programmes (SGP), UNDP provides financial and technical support to local civil society organizations in the regions and to community-based organizations to develop and implement local actions that use local solutions to address environmental problems at the local level while contributing to global environmental problems.