Joint UN Programme “Towards the SDG Financing Ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

As one of the UN member states that signed Agenda 2030, Bosnia and Herzegovina committed to implement Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030). The first step in this process was the preparation and adoption of the the Framework for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Framework in BIH), considered as a unique opportunity for introducing a holistic approach to long-term development that not only defines priorities for inclusive and sustainable growth but also serves as a platform for cooperation and partnership. The SDG Framework in BIH defines the country vision 2030, key development pathways, accelerators and drivers, linked with domesticated SDG targets and indicators with baselines and target values. It also defines institutional arrangements for implementation, monitoring and reporting. Considering the multi-tier governance structure of BIH, further operationalisation of the Framework will be ensured through its mainstreaming into national and sub-national development strategies. Importantly, in the new 2021-2027 planning cycle, SDGs-aligned development strategies will for the first time be linked with mid-term and annual institutional plans and budgets, thus informing the allocation of public funds. 

Project Goal

SDGs Financing Framework, resulting from a broad-based dialogue, provides long term solutions for more integrated sustainable development financing in BiH

Many countries in the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, are facing challenges in linking their sustainable development strategies with public budgeting. Nevertheless, even though public funding will be central for implementing Agenda 2030, it is far from being sufficient for achieving the ambitious targets. In this respect, the Joint UN Programme aims at supporting the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in creating basic building blocks of the SDG financing ecosystem that will enable informed and targeted financing and allow for the mobilisation of additional resources for accelerated sustainable development in BIH. 

Overall responsibility for the Programme is entrusted to the UN Resident Coordinator. The programme is implemented by the ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, UN Women and WHO, where UNDP acts as a Convening Agency for the overall coordination and implementation of the Joint Programme.

Programme Outcome

The Joint Programme will ultimately contribute to informed and targeted financing and mobilising additional resources for accelerated sustainable development in BIH by reaching the following outcomes:

  1. Financing Framework, resulting from a broad-based dialogue, provides long term solutions for more integrated sustainable development financing in BiH; 
  2. Public finance management is SDG-informed and resource planning in selected priority areas is gender-responsive, more efficient and effective.

Key expected results:

SDGs financing framework in place addressing long term structural policy challenges and providing directions for targeted public financing and mobilization of additional resources for implementation of country’s SDGs commitments.  This entails the following specific results:

  • Meaningful dialogue instigated and evidence for SDG Financing Framework generated.
  • SDGs Financing Framework developed, offering key financing solutions for accelerated sustainable development.
  • Budgets embed SDG commitments and enable targeted planning and monitoring for SDG financing.
  • Enhanced capabilities of sectoral ministries enable optimization and strategic re-channeling of public resources in selected sectoral priority areas for accelerated achievement of SDG commitments.



Start date:

1 September 2020

Estimated end date:

30 April 2023

Focus Area:

Good Governance


Joint SDG Fund

Project value and donors

USD 1,291,861.00


Due to the administrative organization and distribution of competencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Joint Programme engages partners from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, the Brčko District, and state-level institutions:

•    Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
•    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
•    Ministry of Finance of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
•    Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska 
•    Directorate of Finance of Brčko District 
•    SDGs Council
•    Directorate of Economic Planning of Bosnia and Herzegovina
•    Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
•    RS Ministry for European Integration and Regional Cooperation 
•    Development Planning Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
•    Cantonal ministries of finance
•    Line ministries at state, entity and cantonal levels
•    Local governments
•    Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, RS Institute of Statistics, FBIH Institute of Statistics



September 2020


April 2023




Bosnia and Herzegovina


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