Efficient asset management improves the work of local governments

June 5, 2024


At an event held in Sarajevo, a Manual for Establishing a System for Efficient Asset Management in Local Government Units (LGUs) was presented, along with the achieved results in establishing such a system in 18 local governments across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

These local governments are partners in implementing activities within the Project for improving performance of local services (PIPLS) in BiH, primarily funded by Sweden and carried out by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH. The PIPLS project aims to enhance access to key public services through better asset management and increased investment in local infrastructure.

Assets are one of the most important and valuable resources available to local governments. Efficient asset management enables better provision of public services, meeting the needs of citizens, and achieving social, economic, and financial benefits for local governments.

Ognjen Grujić, Programme officer at the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The key message is how to achieve more with fewer resources, how to improve services for citizens, and what we can accomplish together. It is gratifying to see the great interest of local government representatives who have gathered here today to contribute to the discussion on how to ensure more efficient use of public resources. We must discuss ways to best utilize available resources in a smart, innovative, and environmentally sustainable manner."
Ognjen Grujić, Programme Officer at the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In addition to the presentation of the Manual for Establishing a System for Efficient Asset Management in LGUs, participants at the event were introduced to the improved normative framework and the challenges faced by local governments.

Lejla Ibranović-Mulahasanović, Project coordinator at UNDP in BiH

"Local governments are increasingly recognizing the importance and potential of good asset management. The key step now needed, which is a prerequisite for further work in the field of asset management, is political will. Elected local officials and senior executives must acknowledge the importance of advancing new policies and practices in this area."
Lejla Ibranović-Mulahasanović, Head of Local Development Programme at UNDP in BiH

Additionally, positive examples and achieved results in partner local governments were highlighted regarding the establishment of efficient asset management systems.

Srđan Mandić, Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo

"By establishing a unified property registry, the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo will be able to ensure the protection of its own property and reclaim property currently used by other individuals or institutions. As an example, we cite the case of reclaiming ownership of Villa Braun on Alipašina Street, which is owned by the Municipality of Centar and will serve the residents of the Municipality, the city of Sarajevo, and the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are certainly more examples like this."
Srdjan Mandic, Mayor of the Municipality of Centar

Irfan Čengić, Mayor of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo

"The Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo has achieved a satisfactory level of property management, which includes business premises, residential units, and land. Through measures of efficient management and control of use, activities such as the renovation of substandard residential units and the establishment of a digitized land registry, as well as the improvement of the leasing process through electronic databases, we intend to make progress in improving the quality of life for citizens. The establishment of a public enterprise will further contribute to more efficient management of parking lots and underground garages, resulting in increased revenue for the Municipality from the property it manages."
Irfan Čengić, Mayor of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo