The Strengthening Resilient Water Resource Management in the Eastern Caribbean (W4R) Project

Water For Resilience


Climate change has led to significant variability in weather patterns leading to increased occurrence of droughts and shifts in the timing of wet and dry seasons. Storms and hurricanes of increasing intensity, combined with pressures from poor land-use management cause habitat loss and loss of ecosystem services that support a secure and safe water supply. Access to reliable water sources is becoming increasingly challenging in some communities in the Eastern Caribbean. These challenges affect households and the livelihood of farmers alike and can have a particularly severe impact on vulnerable groups, including rural women and girls.

The Strengthening Resilient Water Resource Management in the Eastern Caribbean (W4R) Project is designed to support vulnerable communities in the islands of Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to increase access to secure, nature-friendly water supplies and enhance ecosystem conservation for improved water resources management, both in communities and at the governance level. The project also includes a regional knowledge sharing component to enhance water management practices.

Through the support of the government of Canada with a financial contribution of CAN 4,847,825$, the project aims to improve water resilience in communities that are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including droughts, floods, and hurricanes, with an emphasis on supporting women-lead households and rural women farmers. The project will focus on providing clean water and enhancing water management practices to support sustainable livelihoods, particularly for women-headed households and women farmers.

Cross country events and programmes will be facilitated to ensure cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences benefiting Dominica and the other .  Additionally community driven initiatives will be undertaken for rainwater capture and storage; use of irrigation systems; ecosystem restoration; and soil and water quality monitoring. Hydro-meteorological data collection and use will be improved to inform adaptation planning and strengthen the targeted islands’ capacity to present well documented proposals in order to access existing climate finance opportunities.

This project responds to the priorities identified in the targeted countries’ national adaptation plans and water policies and will contribute to progress on Sustainable Development Goals 13 (climate action), 2 (food security) and 6 (water access).

This project will benefit populations of vulnerable communities in Grenada, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The project will target populations within these communities that are particularly vulnerable, including women headed households, and women farmers.

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