The overall aim of EUROCLIMA is to help increase the ambition of NDCs, support NDC implementation in relevant sectors and support the development of long-term inclusive and gender responsive strategies for decarbonization. This should be done – both at the stage of Country Dialogues and in the implementation of small strategic investments – in an efficient coordination with National Focal Points, sector Ministries and/or Departments, relevant institutions, the private sector and civil society, and respecting the leadership of the European Union Delegation (EUD) on the bilateral policy dialogue. This Programme will build on the achievements and lessons learnt in terms of strategy, implementation, governance, and stakeholder engagement, and ensure a “policy-first” approach and seeks to strengthen climate dialogue with partner countries in the Caribbean including Barbados to increase opportunities for financing for development.


The UNDP outputs will be aligned in the framework of the overall EUROCLIMA structure, along with articulating roles and responsibilities with the EU Delegation in Barbados and INTPA, as well as other EU Delegations involved in the Country Teams, MSAs and UN Agencies and the PSU, in the different steps of the programme implementation.The UNDP Multi-Country Office (MCO) for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean is parterned with AFD, GIZ and UNEP to implement a portion of the programme. UNDP is responsible to lead or co-lead country dialogues’ facilitation with selected countries participating in EUROCLIMA Caribbean, which will lead to the selection of actions and investments for possible implementation.


Major activities include: 

  • Providing advice to EU Delegations and INTPA throughout the country dialogue process 
  • Carrying out analytical studies 
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder consultation processes 
  • Analysing country needs according to programme criteria
  • Supporting the elaboration of a Country Action Plan.

In close coordination with strategic partners, including the NDC Partnership, regional climate financing programmes, EU Delegations and the portfolios of other donors/MSAs, thematic priorities and actions to be supported by EUROCLIMA will be defined with the country.