Myanmar People's Pulse Survey Report 2021

Myanmar People's Pulse Survey Report 2021

December 1, 2021

Socio-economic impacts of the events since 1st February 2021 on households in Myanmar

This report outlines the key findings of the People’s Pulse Survey – the first household survey with national coverage in Myanmar since the military takeover on 1 February 2021. Recent political events in Myanmar have destabilized a fragile country and compounded existing vulnerabilities. Recent research by UNDP suggests that poverty is likely to increase significantly. To help meet the need for information and to understand how households are being impacted, UNDP commissioned this People’s Pulse Survey of 1,200 respondents from May to June 2021.

The report builds on other existing surveys such as the World Bank High Frequency Surveys and the Central Statistical Organization/UNDP Household Vulnerability Survey 2020. Both meant to assess the impact Covid-19 restrictions were having on households in Myanmar.

The key findings of People’s Pulse are grouped into impacts on household income, common coping strategies, attitudes to access to health services, job loss and migration.