Viet Nam - UNDP: 45 Years of Partnership for Sustainable Development

June 6, 2023
UNDP Viet Nam

Ha Noi 2 June 2023The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Viet Nam today celebrated a significant milestone as they marked the 45th anniversary of their partnership for sustainable development. Since the establishment of the UNDP office in Ha Noi in 1978, the collaboration between UNDP and Viet Nam has flourished, providing invaluable support during times of economic hardship and transformation.

UNDP Viet Nam


At its inception, UNDP stood as one of the few channels for international assistance and expertise available to Viet Nam, as the nation grappled with diplomatic isolation and limited foreign presence. UNDP responded swiftly to Viet Nam's needs, focusing on rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts while establishing systems, technologies, and capacities fundamental to people-centered sustainable development.

Through a close working relationship with the government, UNDP played a pivotal role in supporting the gradual introduction of reforms, paving the way for Viet Nam's transition from a war-torn nation to a thriving lower middle-income country.

As Viet Nam embarked on the doi moi reforms in the late 1980s and 1990s, UNDP helped introduce market economy principles and strengthening the nation's economic management capacity. Collaborating with the government, UNDP facilitated the establishment of connections with bilateral and multilateral development partners, culminating in Viet Nam's first international donor conference in Paris in 1993.

A notable demonstration of UNDP's effective support to Viet Nam is the development of the Enterprise Law, which marked a groundbreaking milestone in establishing a fair and competitive business environment for enterprises of diverse ownership forms. Enacted in 2000, this law played a pivotal role in fostering the rapid growth of private enterprises, ultimately resulting in the generation of over one million jobs within a span of three years.

From the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015) to the current Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), UNDP has worked closely with the Government of Viet Nam and other partners to expand choices and ensure equal access to opportunities for all.

UNDP Viet Nam


In reviewing the achievements of 45 years of cooperation between UNDP and Viet Nam, Deputy Minister Tran Quoc Phuong highlighted in his welcoming remarks: “Since May 1978, UNDP has been standing side by side with Viet Nam in its development journey from a poor, war-torn country into a medium-income country that is leading poverty reduction and growth efforts. In addition, cooperation methods between UNDP and Viet Nam in the past 45 years have changed a lot to adapt with the development level of Viet Nam. Projects have gradually shifted from "hands-on" to "partnership" mode of coordination, enhancing national ownership and based on the priorities of the Government of Viet Nam.” (Read full speech here)

UNDP Resident Representative Ramla Khalidi highlighted three facets of UNDP-Viet Nam partnership, including trust, shared values, and openness. 

“Viet Nam and UNDP have long championed people centered development, spearheaded sustainable growth, and supported the nation's remarkable development trajectory,” she said. “Over the years trust allowed us to broaden our partnership with new collaboration on trade, private sector support, climate action and good governance. Today, as Viet Nam aspires to achieve advanced country status within a generation and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, UNDP’s integrated offer remains equally relevant”. (Read full speech here)  

On this occasion of the 45th anniversary, both Viet Nam and UNDP reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to a collaborative partnership, working hand in hand to build a green, prosperous, and resilient Viet Nam where no one is left behind.


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