UNDP in Viet Nam at a Glance

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UNDP in Viet Nam at a Glance

January 17, 2024

For over 45 years, UNDP has worked across all 63 provinces in Viet Nam, placing people at the center of our efforts. Our commitment is for a fairer, more inclusive, and environmentally harmonious world.

As a thought leader on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we design and deliver integrated development solutions to help achieve the global goals. Through our work, we connect the sustainable development challenges of Viet Nam to global experience and knowledge networks.

With a commitment to sustainability and resilience, we prioritize inclusion, empowering vulnerable groups as active agents of development. Our programmes target women, minorities, youth, LGBTIQ+ individuals, persons with disabilities, informal workers, and migrants.

UNDP supports Viet Nam in tackling complex development challenges. Guided by equality, justice, and transparency, we offer integrated solutions, uniting economic, social and environmental aspects. We adopt a systems perspective, seeking systemic transformation of underlying development challenges.

Collaboration and coordination with the UN Resident Coordinator's Office and related agencies under the One UN Framework in Viet Nam ensures that we maximize our impact. Transparency is vital, we openly share activities, funding and results, building trust, accountability and driving sustainable action.

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