New biosphere reserves management project launched

October 27, 2020


Ha Noi, October 27, 2020 - The Viet Nam Environment Administration (under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced a new project titled “Mainstreaming Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation Objectives into Socio-Economic Development Planning and Management of Biosphere Reserve in Viet Nam”.

The project, funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF), aims to promote natural resource management that integrates biodiversity conservation goals in provincial planning and management of biosphere reserves in Viet Nam. It will be implemented over five years in Ha Noi and Dong Nai Biosphere, Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An Biosphere, and Western Nghe An Biosphere.

Attending the inception workshop of the project were leaders of the Viet Nam Environment Administration, representatives of ministries, Biosphere Reserve Management Boards participating in the project, representatives of international and Vietnamese organizations, experts, and press agencies.

Currently, Viet Nam has nine biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO, of which six are coastal and island areas, three others are land forests and wetlands. Most of the protected areas and biosphere reserves are in areas with high poverty rates, so it is a challenge to achieve the often-conflicting objectives of conservation and development. Besides, other barriers include lack of a common framework to implement integrated solutions in sustainable development, the organization and coordination of stakeholder participation in biosphere reserves are ineffective, and ineffective capacity in planning based on landscape approach.

Director General of Viet Nam Environment Administration, Mr. Nguyen Van Tai said at the workshop “To contribute to promoting the development of biosphere reserves, in recent years, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has cooperated with UNDP, and other stakeholders developed this project. I hope that, through its implementation, the biodiversity management and conservation in the biosphere reserve will be enhanced and brought about better results.”

"Viet Nam is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and protecting this rich natural endowment is critical. This new project will reduce pressure on the rich natural resources in three biosphere reserves by implementing integrated natural resource management and sustainable forest management approaches while fostering community livelihood models. The project will also build awareness and promote stakeholder participation in the management of the biosphere reserve," said Ms. Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam.

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