Consultation on Circular Economy Policies and the Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub – ways towards a low-carbon and circular Viet Nam

Posted October 6, 2021

Ha Noi, 6 October 2021 - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hold a consultation workshop on Circular Economy Policies and the Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub. The workshop provides an opportunity to finalize the Draft Decree on implementing Article 142 on Circular Economy under the Revised Law on Environmental Protection 2020. It also brings together key stakeholders to discuss the development and implementation of the "Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub" (or CE Hub).

More than 200 representatives from different ministries of Viet Nam, international organizations, businesses, businesses associations, research institutions, students, CSO and NGOs attend the online workshop.

The linear economy is based on the principles of 'take, make and dispose’ and it is increasingly clear that this linear model presents a very real threat to human health, environmental health and natural ecosystems.

A circular economy (CE) helps reduce the exploitation of natural resources, limit waste to the environment, and promote economic development. Compared with the traditional economy, the circular economy benefits countries, communities, and businesses.

Speaking at the consultation, Mr. Terence D. Jones, UNDP Viet Nam Resident Representative a.i., highlighted, "The transition towards a Circular Economy should be inclusive, fair, and contribute to the socio-economic development strategy of the country, by investing in education programmes geared towards communities, citizens, and the workforce, helping SMEs meeting quality standards to gain access to domestic and international markets, and mobilising finance to boost innovation."

He also said that there was an economic opportunity for Viet Nam to foster sustainable business and help entrepreneurs to leapfrog pollutive practices, which would allow the country to move away from the so-called middle-income trap.

At the workshop, UNDP and MONRE launched the "Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub". This CE Hub aims to raise awareness and build the capacity of all stakeholders, including public authorities, businesses, civil society, academia, in adopting the CE principles, creating synergies, and integrating financial and technical resources to support the transition towards a low-carbon and circular Viet Nam. The CE Hub will include a web portal (available in Vietnamese and English), as well as organize training, workshops, and events to enhance dialogue, generate know-how, and mobilize collective action towards the CE transition.

The CE hub receives generous financial support from the Norwegian Embassy and the technical support from the Dutch Embassy.

This Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub will develop rapidly, contributing to the improvement of institutions and policies on the circular economy, especially promoting the transition to a circular economy substantively and effectively in all socio-economic fields of Viet Nam,” said MONRE Vice Minister Vo Tuan Nhan. He also called on the Vietnamese business community to actively participate, exchange, and implement circular economy models, helping Viet Nam achieve its sustainable development goals in 2030.

“Circular economy is an important part of the UNDP Project Scaling up a Socialized Model of Domestic Waste and Plastic Management (DWP5C) that supported by Norway . I believe that the "Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub" will be a great platform that brings together various stakeholders, including the private sector, to work and turn plastics into business and economic opportunities in Viet Nam. This is important for both ocean environment and sustainable economy. And this is also a Norwegian experience”, said Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam and Laos, Ms. Grete Løchen.

Mr. Christoph Prommersbeger, Charge d’Adfairs, Dutch Embassy in Viet Nam, said “We are delighted to be a partner of the Viet Nam Circular Economy Hub launched today. The Netherlands, its experts, companies and their technological solutions stand ready to assist Viet Nam to support a vision of a future-proof, sustainable economy for current and future generations. The fight against pollution is a race to the top. Ruling by example will be to the benefit of our profit, people and planet.

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