Alisher Fayzullaev: his path from oil and gas to IT specialist

Author: Iroda Muminova

January 29, 2024
Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

"From a young age, I used to get curious about how all the devices in our house work, what's inside, I used to open them and take a look at their microschemes", says Alisher, recalling his youth.

Alisher Fayzullayev, born in 1994 in Nukus, exhibited an early fascination with technology. Recognizing his son's keen interest, his father enrolled him in physics and mathematics courses. Despite his affinity for electronics, Alisher pursued a bachelor's degree in oil and gas and later obtained a master's degree in economics. His rationale was rooted in the belief that these fields held practical significance in society, facilitating quicker financial gains. Nevertheless, his passion for electronics persisted, prompting him to immerse himself in the intricacies of the field.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

Following graduation, he embarked on a career with a prestigious company based in Moscow. However, due to the prevailing quarantine conditions, he returned home and transitioned to remote work. Despite his affiliation with a renowned company, an unfulfilled void lingered in his life. In his leisure hours, he delved into the realm of robotics. "My fascination with robotics intensified day by day, and somewhat surprisingly, I made the decision to relinquish my current job and embrace a new profession. Although it was a challenging choice, my interests prevailed, and I recognized that this field resonated with me," recounts our hero.

Alisher actively engaged in various competitions, leveraging his innovative ideas and expertise in electronics. Discovering the Hackathon through IT Park's Telegram channel, he resolved to participate in the contest. Reflecting on the prevalence of smart home devices in foreign films, he questioned why similar amenities were not commonplace in local households. "As I delved into hardware and software, it dawned on me that we have the capability to create numerous innovations, including smart homes. Failing to find local manufacturers of such devices online, I decided to pioneer in this sphere," explains Alisher.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The "Smart Home" project captured the attention of Farhad Ibragimov, the director of IT Park, who expressed keen interest and earmarked 27 million soums for its realization. Concurrently participating in competitions, Alisher balanced his time by delving into programming and robotics while serving as an IT teacher at a local school. A pivotal moment unfolded during one of his robotics classes when he learned about startup competitions sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme. Participating with his "Smart Home" project, Alisher secured a $5,000 grant.

Subsequently, he expanded his ventures by conceiving another project — a device for remotely measuring water levels in canals. This innovation led to a significant milestone as Alisher secured a contract with the Ministry of Water Management, totaling an impressive 720 million soums.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan
“Gradually, the number of orders for all kinds of projects began to increase, and knowing that I needed a good team, I started looking for professionals, but I couldn't find them”
Alisher Fayzullaev

Sensing a lack of like-minded peers in the realm of electronics, Alisher took the initiative to establish his own training center, aiming to share his knowledge with young enthusiasts. Thus, "SimSim," his self-founded IT training center, came into existence, offering courses in robotics, coding, and programming.

Presently, Alisher manages four projects, one of which is the 3D Nukus initiative, generating additional income by utilizing 3D printing to create diverse objects and models, including houses. Proudly, he highlights another crucial and timely project — an innovative sensor device designed to detect gas leaks, automatically closing gas channels, and issuing a warning signal to the owner.

As Alisher continues his endeavors, we extend our best wishes for his future successes. UNDP is happy to be contributing to the provision of facilities for young entrepreneurs, offering them support and opportunities to launch businesses.

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The startup project, in which our hero took part, was organized as part of the Joint programme by UNDP, UNICEF and FAO "Empowering youth towards a brighter future through green and innovative development of the Aral Sea region", which is funded by the UN Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region in Uzbekistan with the support of the Governments of Uzbekistan, Norway, the European Union, Finland, South Korea, Germany and the Alwaleed Philanthropies charity organization.