[Completed] Climate Change Risks in Fergana Valley

Enhancing the adaptation and strengthening the resilience of farming to Climate Change Risks in Fergana Valley

Project summary:

Central Asia, and in particular Uzbekistan is recognized as one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to the impact of long-term climate change. The proposed project aims to institutionalize integrated services to agricultural producers in the pilot region that enhances adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The project will also work with local farmers to improve efficiency of agricultural practices and usage of natural resources.

Expected results:

  • The project’s objective will be achieved through the following key development outcomes: Strengthening policy makers and decision-making institutions with tools and dealing with climate risks in agro-production sector including horticulture and vegetable production.
  • Enhancing the export potential of smallholders through capacitated agricultural and post-harvest production and better improved ability to cope with climate vulnerabilities and climate-related risks.