European Union and UNDP presented practical recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of local self-governance

July 15, 2020

Image: UNDP Uzbekistan

July 15, 2020,  Tashkent - our joint Project with the Public Services Agency under the Ministry of Justice that is funded by the European Union along with the Senate of the  Republic of Uzbekistan organized an online presentation on the topic: “Evaluation of the effectiveness of local executive authorities in Uzbekistan using KPI”.

The event was attended by representatives of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and other government departments, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, mayors' offices of regions and Tashkent city, research institutes, NGOs and independent experts, as well as our representatives, the delegation of the European Union and several others organizations.

Deputy Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judicial Legal Issues and Anti-Corruption, Shukhrat Chulliev, in his opening speech, emphasized the importance of evaluating the performance of local executive authoritiesbased against KPI and improving their effectiveness further.

Ms. Doina Munteanu, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Uzbekistan, and Mr. François Begeot, Advisor to the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Uzbekistan, in turn noted that the introduction of a KPI-based assessment and accountability system in the activities of local executive authorities will provide an opportunity to create a solid foundation for increasing productivity and the effectiveness of organizations. 

During the online presentation, foreign best practise in assessing the activities of the local executive body using KPI was discussed, particularly the practise of Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Canada and Russia, and the possibility of these countries' application in Uzbekistan. At the same time, partners proposed three alternative methods based on KPI for assessing the performance of the local executive authorities in Uzbekistan.

Representatives of the scientific community that took part in the discussion noted the need to continue further study of the activities of local executive authorities in Uzbekistan, to take measures to introduce the KPI system in their activities.