Results of the Contest on Engagement of Civil Society Institutions in innovations in Anti-Corruption

September 12, 2022
Image: UNDP Uzbekistan

Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor's Office, Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the UNDP have summarized the results of the Joint Contest "Engagement of Civil Society Institutions in the process of development and integration of Innovation in Anti-Corruption measures". 18 national NGOs applied for the grant and the Evaluation Committee selected the following NGOs with the best project proposals:

1.  NGO "Development Strategy" Centre (Tashkent) 

Project: Anti-corruption education at pre-school level.

2.  NGO Centre for Social and Legal Support of Women and Children "Chekhra" (Fergana province).

Project: Anti-corruption education and training for primary school students in Fergana region

3. NGO "Mulokot" Public Association (Tashkent)

Project: Development of an electronic manual "ABC of Anti-Corruption" with illustrations (in Uzbek).

4.  Syrdarya Regional Branch of the Republican Social Information Centre "ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD" (Syrdarya Region).

Project: Activation of anti-corruption work in the communities of Syrdarya region by enhancing the role and participation of active women (NGO leaders) and young people (NGO volunteers and student activists) in advocacy, promotion and raising awareness of anti-corruption measures.

5.  NGO Centre for Social, Legal and Environmental Support of Women and Teenagers of Fergana region "Ziyonur".

Project: Corruption is an obstacle for development.

6.  NGO "Centre of Human Rights Culture" (Tashkent, Bukhara, Navoi regions).

Project: Public control in combating corruption and the role of mass media

7.  Tashkent Centre for Women's Entrepreneurship NGO.

Project: Strengthening women's immunity in the fight against corruption.

8.  Republican Council of Young Scientists (Tashkent). 

Project: Development and promotion of scientific theoretical methodology to strengthen young people's sense of participation in the fight against corruption.

9.  NGO "Taraqqiyot" (Bukhara).

Project: Anti-corruption unity (Establishment of anti-corruption co-working centre).

The winning projects will be funded by the two UNDP Projects: "Preventing Corruption through Effective, Accountable and Transparent Governance Institutions in Uzbekistan" and "Strengthening Civil Space, Women and Youth Voices to Enhance the Role of the Anti-Corruption Agency in Uzbekistan".

This will create opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the system of anti-corruption measures, create the favourable business climate, promote a positive image of the country in the international arena, and involve civil society institutions in the process of developing and implementing anti-corruption measures.