New Edition of "Citizens' Budget" Reveals Insights into State Budget Execution and Climate Impact

August 22, 2023
Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

The latest "Citizens' Budget" edition has been presented to the public. It was prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Finance with support from UNDP, and it provides information on the execution of the State Budget in 2022. The "Citizens' Budget" has been regularly published for the draft budget, as well as for the approved and executed budgets since 2018.

This edition of the "Citizens' Budget" describes the macroeconomic context in which the State Budget was executed in 2022. It presents comprehensive information about the revenues collected for the budget, the volume and areas of public expenditures, and details about the execution of local budgets and the budget deficit.

In addition to presenting information on the execution of the State Budget, this publication introduces readers to new approaches and tools that have been integrated into the public financial management system. Specifically, it showcases the outcomes of piloting a new methodology for identifying and quantifying expenditures that impact climate change (climate expenditure tagging). This methodology was developed with UNDP’s support as part of a joint initiative with the French Development Agency. The results of piloting the new methodology indicate that 12.7 percent of the State Budget expenditures in 2022, equivalent to 30,016.3 billion UZS, were assessed to have an impact on climate change. Among these, 12.3 percent had a positive contribution, while 0.4 percent had a negative contribution to climate change.

The publication also emphasizes the practice of participatory budgeting, which has been widely implemented in Uzbekistan since 2022. Readers can learn about the sectors where citizens have proposed the highest number of initiatives and projects, which initiatives and projects have gained the greatest support among the population, and how the Government has provided assistance to such initiatives.

The "Citizens' Budget" publications will continue to acquaint the public with the country's budget, thus nurturing citizens' interest in the processes of establishing, discussing, and executing the State Budget.