Joint contest for grants in the field of preventing and combating corruption

June 16, 2022
Image: UNDP Uzbekistan

The Joint Contest "Involving Civil Society Institutions in the Development and Implementation of Innovations in Preventing and Combating Corruption" (referred to as the Joint Contest) is conducted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project “Preventing Corruption through Effective, Accountable and Transparent Institutions of Governance in Uzbekistan (PCEAT), project “Strengthening civic space, voice of women and youth to enhance the role of the Agency for Counteracting Corruption in Uzbekistan" jointly with the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Commission on Countering Corruption.

The goal is to increase the effectiveness of the anti-corruption system, create favorable business climate, promote a positive image of the country in the international arena and engage civil society institutions in the process of developing and implementing anti-corruption measures.

The main objectives of the Joint Contest:

- to implement projects jointly with civil society institutions to prevent and counteractcorruption in social partnership and public control, as well as to carry out anti-corruption expertise of the legislation;

- to use new capacities, i.e. to involve the civil sector in the search for traditional and non-traditional solutions, as well as to increase the participation of civil society institutions in the process of preventing and counteracting corruption;

- to engage civil society institutions in the development and implementation of various measures to counteract and prevent corruption in relation to vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, low-income families, women and youth;

- to create conditions for targeted activities to further involve civil society institutions in the process of developing and implementing anti-corruption measures, including through the use of advanced technologies;

- to incorporate inclusive methods and apply modern technologies in the areas where women are most exposed to corruption, as well as prevent corruption through ensuring transparency of the activities of state institutions;

- to foster honesty and integrity, as well as zero-tolerance towards corruption in children through application of innovative ideas and new mechanisms for anti-corruption education and training.

The main directions of the Joint Contest:

Implementation of projects with NGOs to create and implement various measures and advanced technologies in preventing and combating corruption, in the following areas:

1. Increasing the role and participation of women, young people in developing and creating anti-corruption innovations and non-traditional solutions.

2. Preventing corruption in youth sports and increasing access of gifted young people to professional sports.

3. Preventing corruption in protecting the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities.

4. The encouragement of journalists' capacity to cover anti-corruption activities and to conduct investigative journalism in cases of corruption.

5. Establishment and implementation of mechanisms of public control and social partnership for the protection of rights and legal interests of vulnerable groups.

6. Development of inclusive methods and application of modern technologies in the areas where women are most exposed to corruption, as well as ensuring transparency of activities of these institutions, to prevent corruption;

7. Application of innovative ideas and new mechanisms of anti-corruption education and training of children (including educational media materials, guides, manuals, etc.) aimed at fostering honesty and integrity, as well as intolerance towards corruption.

Who can participate:

National NGOs, including women's and youth organizations, registered and operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan, provided that the aims and objectives stipulated in their statutes correspond to the theme of the grant project.

Application instructions:

1. Review the Concept and Regulations of the joint contest;

2. Download application form;

3. Send the completed application form, with a copy of the certificate of state registration, to the e-mail address:

Applications will be accepted until July 10, 2022.

Contact number: +998935015292, +998900096992.