Certification of fruits and vegetables for export

February 10, 2020

UNDP Uzbekistan

During our regular seminars, more and more questions were related to certificates and standards for the export of agricultural products - “We've had a good harvest but how to start exporting, where to go or what standards and requirements I need to meet so that my products reach foreign consumer?”- asked farmers from different regions.

In order to answer these  questions we initiated seminars on certification and standardization of fruits and vegetables on January 28-29, 2020 in Fergana and Andijan, with over 130 participants.  The event was organized as part of a joint project of UNDP and the CCI of Uzbekistan “Improving the resilience and adaptation of farmers of the Ferghana Valley to the risks of climate change” in cooperation with the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate and Uzstandard Agency.

At the seminar, participants leant about the features of export of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, types of certification, with a detailed scheme for further exporting, indicating the measures and timings.

 All seminars were interactive and full with discussions about the rules and features of obtaining certificates.  There were many questions to the customs officer of Ferghana region, Azizbek Abdukholikov, who explained in detail to those present about the rules for import and export of products.

Representatives of the State Unitary Enterprise "Uztest"  spoke about the relevance of international certificates to the export of agricultural products and advantages they provide to their owners. In particular, this is not only an access to European markets, but also a compliance with product safety and production standards. 

“Exporters should have a clear vision of why they need a certificate - for the production process or for the final product, and where it is going to be exported,” says Mansurjon Kutbiddinov, one of the representatives of the Uzstandard agency, who gave clear explanations on certification issues on Halal requirements and ISO 22000. He also emphasized the fact that today Uzbekistan is undergoing major reforms to simplify the export of fruits and vegetables and in order to encourage local producers of agricultural products; today the state provides financial support for obtaining international certificates such as Global G.A.P. and etc.      

UNDP activities in the field of modernization and intensive development of agriculture are carried out in accordance with the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan 2017-2021, as well as in the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN member countries.