Effective Democratic Governance

Effective Governance

UNDP in Uzbekistan focuses on supporting government initiatives that promote inclusive and effective democratic governance, as well as the equitable delivery of public services to all citizens, leaving no one behind. Our goal is to safeguard an inclusive, peaceful, secure, and cohesive society based on the rule of law. To achieve this, we advocate for and advise on inclusive dialogue, consensus-building, and strengthening responsive institutions that support an enabling environment for everyone to grow in strength and contribute towards national development.

UNDP's focus in this area is closely aligned with the Government's "New Uzbekistan" Development Strategy and national priorities, which prioritize putting people at the heart of reforms. To support these efforts, UNDP works with partners to build institutional capacity, implement administrative and civil service reform policies, and promote citizen-centric public services. Our efforts also aim to promote widespread gender responsive public participation in decision-making processes, support e-governance, modernize the justice system, accelerate digitalization, and advocate for parliamentary reform and development.


UNDP’s Effective Democratic Governance Cluster is supporting Uzbekistan’s priorities in the following areas:

  • Developing effective governance systems that that enhance accessibility, effectiveness, and accountability of the public service sector.
  • Expanding support to ongoing Government anti-corruption efforts by strengthening the regulatory and institutional capacity of anti-corruption bodies and improving transparency through enhanced civic space and equitable digital transformation.
  • Prioritizing  social cohesion initiatives in vulnerable areas in the Surkhandarya region, the Fergana valley, and border areas.