Defining Futures

A photo exhibition "Defining Futures: People, Tech and Teams for a Mine-Free Ukraine" by photographer Giles Duley, United Nations Global Advocate for people with disabilities in conflict and peacebuilding situations.

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Our mission

UNDP’s mission in Ukraine is to support the country’s resilience in the face of war and to promote a fully inclusive, digital and sustainable recovery.

Our reports

About Ukraine

41.1 million


(Ukraine's State Statistics Service, 1 February 2022)

6.2 million


from Ukraine recorded globally.

(UNHCR , 23 August 2023)

5.4 million


(IOM, 23 January 2023)


of the population

belongs to at least one vulnerable group.

(Human Impact Assessment 2022)

$411 billion

is now needed to rebuild and recover Ukraine from the full-scale Russian invasion.

(Ukraine’s second Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA)

By 29.1%

declined Ukraine's gross domestic product (GDP ) in 2022.

(Ukraine's State Statistics Service)

77 of 162


Gender Inequality Index
(HDR 2021-22)