UNDP Turkmenistan announces a Student Research Competition on innovative recycled material production

Marking the Sustainable cities Day, 31 October

October 3, 2022

The UNDP Turkmenistan “Sustainable Cities” project, with the support of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, announces a Student Research Competition on innovative recycled material production (plastic, glass, paper, wood, etc.), dedicated to the International Day of Sustainable Cities, 31 October.

The competition is held among students of the Turkmen State University named after. Magtymguly, the Turkmen Engineering and Technology University named after Oguzhan, the Turkmen Agricultural University Named after S.A. Niyazov. Participants of the competition are students of 4-5 courses with specialization in Ecology, Industrial Ecology and Agroecology.

Research requirements:

Research works should consist of the following parts:

- Title (title);

- Introduction;

- Main part (methodology, results);

- Conclusions and options for further application in life;

- Bibliography.

Scientific works should focus on innovative methods on the production of goods from recycled materials (plastic, glass, paper and wood) with the possibility of application in daily life.

Participants of the competition must submit their research works (no more than 5 pages) in Times New Roman format, 14 font (line spacing - 1.5) in Turkmen, Russian or English. Plagiarism is not allowed.

In each work, please indicate the name of an author, name of an educational institution and provide the contact information (e-mail; phone number etc).

Entries must be submitted by email: undptm@gmail.com no later than 13 October 2022.

Works will be evaluated on a 10-point system further to the following criteria:

• creativity and innovative approach;

• practicality and functionality (possibility of application in life);

• minimal production costs;

• compliance with the theme and compliance with the requirements of the competition;

• no plagiarism

To evaluate the works and select the winners, a jury will be created from representatives of the Ministry of Education and UNDP in Turkmenistan.

The results of the Competition will be announced in a solemn atmosphere no later than 25 October 2022. All participants will be awarded certificates, and the best 3 winners will receive memorable prizes.