UNDP Turkmenistan

About Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is an upper middle-income country which has experienced a robust economic growth in recent decade. The revenues from the export of the energy resources allowed the Government to invest into development of the non-hydrocarbon economy and build an infrastructure that would benefit country’s social and economic growth. As a result, the non-hydrocarbon sectors of the economy generated a strong domestic product gains and continue to grow over the medium term.

Turkmenistan pays special attention to the cooperation with international organizations and the UN in particular. The country regularly comes forward with the initiatives in the areas of security, energy, transport, climate and water, promoting regional cooperation, and encouraging global commitment to promote sustainable development. On the domestic arena, the Government cooperates with UNDP and continuously emphasizes its contribution to the promotion of the national development agenda.



proportion of women employed, out of total number of women registered in Employment Agency (2018)



women comprise of the Parliament


number of international organizations in which Turkmenistan is represented (2018)



women account for in the total number of domestic workers



export growth rate (VNR 2018)



number of trees planted (2018)