SDG Investor Map Turkey kicks off to expand investments for people and the planet

March 7, 2021

Sustainable Development Goals Investor Map Turkey, initiated by UNDP Turkey with the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development in partnership with the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey, was launched at the Policy Dialogue Event at the Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul today. The map aims to mobilize SDG oriented investments and accelerate SDG progress in the country.

Istanbul, 8 March 2021 - SDG Investor Map Turkey was launched with the aim to guide investors towards mobilizing capital into activities that deliver strong financial returns while reducing poverty and inequality, advancing health and education, and protecting the environment. The launch took place at the Policy Dialogue Event during the 11th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul today.

One of the main barriers against mobilizing the private sector towards the SDGs is the limited availability of data and insights about SDG-aligned investment opportunities. To overcome this challenge, SDG Investor Maps provide a catalogue of SDG-enabling investment opportunities for the private sector to perform diligence and make impactful business decisions.

The Policy Dialogue Event was held with the aim to launch the implementation of UNDP SDG Impact’s flagship methodology, the “SDG Investor Map” for Turkey, by creating an avenue for a high-level public policy dialogue around Turkey’s agenda to mobilize SDG investments and accelerate SDG progress in the country. The event aimed to facilitate a discussion among policymakers and the private sector around how to establish an enabling ecosystem for SDG-anchored investments in Turkey.

Achieving the 2030 Agenda requires bridging a significant financing gap to the SDGs. There is an urgent need to mobilize sustainable business models and private sector investments towards the SDGs.

With an aim to empower investors through impact intelligence products around bankable investment areas in countries with material SDG contribution, UNDP SDG Impact launched the “SDG Investor Map” methodology. SDG Investor Maps are in-depth reports on SDG-enabling investment opportunities and conditions in target markets and sectors.

UNDP Turkey initiated the SDG Investor Map Turkey with the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD), as the technical service provider in partnership with the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey.

The Map followed a rigorous literature review of national policy documents and international development assessments as well as extensive stakeholder consultations. The “SDG Investor Map Turkey” has been developed as a guide that consists of detailed investment information on 27 investment opportunity areas identified across 9 priority sectors. The priority sectors that have been identified for Turkey are, Technology and Communications, Transportation, Renewables and Alternative Energy, Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Infrastructure and Financials.

At the Policy Dialogue Event, the honorary keynote speech was delivered by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey.

“Any investment, which is not considering the social good and not creating added value for sustainable development, is an incomplete investment. Impact investments, which put together sustainability, social entrepreneurship and social responsibility, present important opportunities for the humanity. We find it very significant to support companies, which bring together this innovative approach with today’s business and social life. We will give all necessary support to the works on impact investment as the Presidency and through our institutions,” Erdoğan said in his honorary keynote speech.

President Erdoğan also thanked UNDP, Impact Investment Platform (Etkiyap), Development Investment Bank of Turkey and the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey for the establishment of Turkish National Advisory Board for Impact Investing and congratulated the board members.  The Advisory Board aims to create an enabling environment to facilitate the growth of impact investing and to establish a well-functioning ecosystem in Turkey.

Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator delivered the keynote speech, whereas UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Claudio Tomasi gave the welcoming remarks at the panel moderated by UNDP IICPSD Director Sahba Sobhani, and attended by Burak Dağlıoğlu, President of the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey, İbrahim Öztop, CEO of the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey, and Şafak Müderrisgil, Chair of Impact Investment Platform.

Global and local investors, private sector representatives, development finance institutions and other multilateral organizations, civil society groups and non-profits, government and other public sector representatives and academic experts were among the participants of the event.

In his keynote speech, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner elucidated the necessity of SDGs to build back better, especially after the unprecedented pandemic crisis that has taken its toll on human development in the whole world.

"The SDG Investor Maps are a powerful tool -- providing detailed information on how specific investments and business models advance the SDGs. Complemented by advocacy and facilitation efforts, a minimum of 10 SDG investments are expected to mobilize approximately $50 million in each country as a result of the Maps. And today, I am delighted to launch the SDG Investor Map for Turkey. It will help the private sector in Turkey to channel finance towards national priorities and development needs – and ultimately towards the SDGs.,” Steiner said.

In his welcoming remarks during the panel, UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Claudio Tomasi drew attention to the current situation of the world economy and told that it is possible to cope with the crisis through taking steps towards sustainable development.

“Increasingly we acknowledge the importance of a new global development agenda, which calls for more public-private partnerships to address the financing gap of 2.5 trillion dollars per year to meet the SDGs by 2030. UNDP is promoting development of the SDG Investor Maps across the globe that intend to navigate their investment towards more inclusive and sustainable business models while making investment decisions. We hope that this study provides necessary guidance for the investors in the implementation countries about the type of investments that would accelerate their national progress towards the SDGs,” Tomasi added.

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