Developing Women Empowerment Models in Manufacturing Industry Project

What is the project about?

The " Developing Women Empowerment Models in Manufacturing Industry Project" implemented in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Confederation of Turkish Employers' Unions (TİSK), and the R.T. Ministry of Industry and Technology, and funded by the European Union, aims to create a replicable model in Türkiye by focusing on strengthening women in the manufacturing industry through skill enhancement and reskilling, aligned with future jobs using pilot transformation examples.


What has been the situation?

As of May 2024, preparations for the desk study and detailed fieldwork, which are part of the project's first component, have been completed. Additionally, the lists of companies to be included in the project, change agents composed of white-collar workers, and operators composed of blue-collar workers have been finalized. Digital Maturity Assessment (SIRI) studies have been initiated in the selected companies by the project implementation partner, MEXT.

Furthermore, comprehensive training programs have been initiated by the MEXT Technology Center for 200 white-collar women, identified as "Change Agents," who are graduates from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. These programs, developed specifically for the project, will last for four months.

Training programs designed for 200 blue-collar women, identified as "Operators," are planned to begin in June and will last for two months. 

In the upcoming period, candidates who complete their training will be matched with companies where SIRI Assessments have been finalized and will be employed for a duration of 12 months.

Activities will focus on the pilot provinces determined within the scope of the project. These provinces are Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Manisa, Bursa, Tekirdağ, Adana and Gaziantep.


What is our mission? 

The project aims to;

  • Ensure the active participation of women in the manufacturing industry by establishing competence enhancement and reskilling initiatives that focus on cognitive abilities, social skills, and technological skills.
  • Infuse dynamism into the efforts of relevant stakeholders and institutions such as Chambers of Industry, Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Administrations, TİSK member unions, universities, industry associations, and firms operating in the manufacturing sector in the pilot provinces.
  • Accelerate the digitalization processes of firms operating in the manufacturing industry, especially SMEs, which face difficulties in accessing technology or encounter challenges in changing existing business models.
  • Develop replicable models nationwide for the future and outline a strategy and roadmap for implementation.


How are we doing this? 

 As part of the project, a desk study will be conducted on the "current situation and future jobs for the manufacturing industry," followed by a detailed field study to identify demand and supply-driven needs. Upon completion of the field study, needs analyses will be prepared for the target provinces, thereby completing the comprehensive work for the planned model.

Additionally, in alignment with the transformation agenda, capacity development guides will be prepared for project beneficiaries. These beneficiaries include white-collar graduates from university STEM fields, referred to as "Change Agents," and blue-collar women, referred to as "Operators." A digital platform will also be created, containing the necessary toolkits for knowledge sharing focused on digital and green transformation.

In this context, the MEXT Technology Center will organize free training programs to develop the technical knowledge and skills of the change agents and operators, who will be matched with firms operating in the manufacturing industry. During the training period, candidates will receive financial support, along with travel and accommodation support during face-to-face training sessions.

Upon completion of the training programs, the change agents and operators will be employed by the firms they are matched with for a period of 12 months. During this period, the firms will receive salary support for employing the change agents and operators.

For the firms included in the project scope, digital and green transformation practices will be initiated. Relevant pilot transformation applications will be carried out using the SIRI (Smart Industry Readiness Index) Digital Maturity Assessment and COSIRI Sustainability Maturity Assessment methodologies adopted by MEXT. The SIRI and COSIRI assessments will be conducted free of charge, and as part of the capacity development activities, awareness-raising initiatives on work-life balance and gender equality will also be conducted.


How will Türkiye benefit? 

With the project, it is aimed to accelerate the digital and green transformation of companies operating in the manufacturing sector in Türkiye, thereby increasing their global competitiveness. To achieve this success, the competencies of women working in STEM fields will be enhanced to fully realize their potential, creating a positive impact both economically and socially, and ensuring their adaptation to the  future professions.



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