Use Energy-Efficient Motors Stand Up for Your Energy!

Posted March 5, 2019

T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology and UNDP Turkey started a project in 2017 to increase the use of energy-efficient electric motors in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey: Promoting Energy-Efficient Motors in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey or TEVMOT.

Energy demand in Turkey is increasing, and transition to energy efficiency is becoming inevitable for all sectors. By investing in energy efficiency, it is possible to meet Turkey’s future energy demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that causes climate change. This may also be a potential driving force for Turkish economic growth.

Accounting for 47.2% of net electricity consumption in Turkey and mostly using inefficient motors, the Turkish manufacturing industry is expected to enjoy considerable decrease in electricity consumption if the market is transformed by using energy-efficient motors. In this context, the “Programme for Transition to Energy-Efficient Electric Motors in Industry” in line with the Energy Efficiency Law, Energy Strategy Plan and Tenth Development Plan set important objectives; and various activities were started with the initiative of Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

As a step of the said transition, TEVMOT Project aims to achieve a “market transformation” in Turkey through replacing old, inefficient electric motors at SMEs with new, energy-efficient motors. This means taking the first step for the transition by replacing the AC motors currently used in industry with energy-efficient motors that will contribute 8.5 billion TL to the Turkish economy and ensure sustainability.

Scheduled to end in June 2022, TEVMOT Project rolled out various technical work and activities to make a market transformation in electric motors. Experts from the Ministry, technical experts of the project, project partners and a broad range of national and international stakeholders continue to make significant contributions in the phases of design, implementation and evaluation of such actions.

TEVMOT supports the strengthening of the legislative and regulatory framework both for new and existing energy-efficient motors in Turkey

TEVMOT builds a national database of electric motors with a view to developing a market monitoring system. In this context, technical experts of the project are already engaged in comprehensive work coordinated by the Directorate-General for Industry and Productivity of Ministry of Industry and Technology in cooperation with the Directorate- General for Industrial Product Safety and Inspection; Directorate-General for Product Safety and Inspection of Ministry of Trade; Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT); Association of Electric Motor Producers (EMOSAD) ; Energy Efficiency and Management Association (EYODER); and Organized Industrial Zones Senior Organization (OSBÜK).

TEVMOT held a technical consultative meeting on 18 October 2018 for the market players (manufacturers, suppliers, importers and users) to strengthen the investment environment for electric motors in close collaboration with Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to design minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) in line with EU Directives and international best practices. With support from technical experts of the project, the participants reviewed and assessed the relevant national and international legislation on the updates of eco- design implementation measures and new legislation.

TEVMOT develops cooperation with U4E and ICA
The Directorate-General for Industry and Productivity of Ministry of Industry and Technology and UNDP Turkey hosted on 28-29 May 2018 the discussion meeting with the United for Efficiency Initiative* (U4E) and International Copper Association (ICA). As a result of the discussion meetings participated by project partners and stakeholders, TEVMOT and U4E initiated an international cooperation on such significant areas as “financing mechanisms” to encourage the use of energy-efficient motors at SMEs, “market transformation”, and “monitoring, verification and enforcement”.

TEVMOT participates in International Motor Summit
TEVMOT actively participates in international events relating to policies and programmes on energy-efficient electric motors, both promoting the project and lending support to increasing the capacities of domestic motor manufacturers to international standards. In this context, TEVMOT participated in the “International Motor Summit 2018” on 14-15 November 2018 in Zurich with the project partner EMOSAD and domestic motor manufacturers including AEMOT Elektrik Motorları, VOLT Motor WAT Motor. The Motor Summit is a top international event for the electric motors sector. Bringing together public agencies; manufacturers of motors, pumps and fans; manufacturers of machinery and equipment; users of motor systems; and international experts on the subject-matter, the Motor Summit helps build cooperation networks. EMOSAD had the opportunity to share experience as well as build new networks of relations for international cooperation.

TSE’s Electrical Testing Laboratory upgraded with TEVMOT support

TEVMOT initiated work to upgrade the testing systems and auxiliary equipment of the Electric Motors Testing Laboratory at Gebze Electro- technical Laboratory Directorate of TSE in order to ensure effective market surveillance, inspection and legal compliance of energy- efficient electric motors in Turkey and strengthen testing procedures.

TEVMOT develops innovative approaches to market
TEVMOT introduces innovative solutions of international calibre to increase the use of energy-efficient electric motors. In the context of technical work of the relevant project partners, experts and Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies (EVD); TEVMOT develops an audit methodology specific to motors in terms of system efficiency at SMEs to ensure replacement of accurately identified motors.

Pilot applications and SME financing support to start in 2019

Field work at the selected pilot Organised Industrial Zones (OIZs) is at the heart of TEVMOT’s activities. The pilot intends to enable the Energy Management Units (EMUs) of OIZ to establish and operate One-Stop-Shops (OSS). The One-Stop-Shops will collaborate with such project stakeholders as KOSGEB and TurSEFF as well as various bank and financing alternatives to achieve a rapid, easy market transformation.

One-Stop-Shops at OIZs to accelerate investments by SMEs

The plan is to engage in motor energy efficiency audits by "Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies" (EVD) with TEVMOT support at the SMEs identified through One-Stop-Shops which are located at OIZs and operate in the manufacturing industry. Based on the audit results, inefficient electric motors at the enterprises will be replaced by new energy-efficient motors. A specific TEVMOT Financing Model has been developed to provide financial support to such investment by SMEs. The work on the financing model and “bring in your old motor, take away the new, let the motor pay itself” campaign is underway with feedbacks and contributions of the stakeholders.