The Trinidad and Tobago Digital Transformation Project

The Trinidad and Tobago Digital Project

Whole-of-society Digital Transformation is a critical enabler of social inclusion and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Digital technologies can make it easier for citizens to access government services and information online, a factor that can be especially beneficial for: 

- Residents of remote or underserved areas, 

- Persons with disabilities that make it difficult for them to physically visit government offices, and

- Other members of society who are often excluded.

In a digitally transformed society, all members of society, including the most disadvantaged, have safe, convenient, and equitable access to services and resources which increase their well-being and resilience to external shocks. 

The TT Digital project supports Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Digital Transformation in its mission by focusing on upgrading the government’s services offering through the development and integration of digital applications that simultaneously improve the ease, efficiency and security of service delivery. The National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited (IGovTT) will also be closely involved with this project as the long-term partner for the efficient management of systems and processes which are developed by this project.

The objective of the project is to improve efficiency and reduce transaction costs to government and citizens, while expanding the inclusiveness of the provision of such services to the elderly, the poor, persons with disabilities, women and girls and residents of rural communities.

Value of Project: USD 8,221,700

Duration: 3 years

Donor: Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT)

Implementing Partners: UNDP, SIGOB, iGovTT, MDT

The project commits to three inter-related outcomes:

1. A project management and digital oversight dashboard to assist in the coordination of diverse projects and stakeholders, and measure progress towards the implementation of the objectives, as outlined in the Draft National Digital Strategy (2022-2025);

2. An Electronic Identification (e-ID) digital application, supported by a National Trust Solution and integrated with the National Interoperability Framework, to increase the ease of access and efficiency of government services for members of society;

3. Digitally transforming the operations of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, with the potential of expanding and replicating those services at other ministries

By supporting the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to develop strategies and plans with a whole-of-society approach to digital transformation, the UNDP helps to ensure that everyone benefits from building a better future that leaves no one behind.

Project Team Members

Project Manager- Mr. Gregory Smith

Programme Office- Mrs. Isele Robinson-Cooper

Project Coordinator- Mr. Wyatt Achong 

Project Associate- Ms. Rachael Russell