CariSECURE 2.0: Empowering the Caribbean Against Trafficking in Persons and Youth Crime!

CariSECURE 2.0: Empowering the Caribbean Against Trafficking in Persons and Youth Crime! 

This crucial project plays a pivotal role in strengthening state capacities in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, St Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago to combat the pressing issue of trafficking in persons. By providing resources and technical support, CariSECURE 2.0 aims to enhance investigations, screenings, and prosecutions of trafficking cases. Additionally, the project adopts a human rights-based approach to tackle the root causes of youth crime, working closely with youth-serving institutions in Barbados, Grenada, and St Vincent and the Grenadines to collect and analyze data, paving the way for effective prevention and response strategies. Together, we can create safer, more resilient communities and leave no one behind in the fight against trafficking and crime.

Fast Facts

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Implementing Partners

Ministry of National Security (Gov’t Focal Point)

Key Milestones & Outputs Achieved to Date.  

  1. Project Endorsement by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on October 17th, 2022.

-Government endorsement of this project facilitates streamlined processes, access to resources and increased credibility, contributing to its overall success.

-Onboarding of the TIP Strategic Advisor to the Minister of National Security in April 2023

-This strategic role can assist by enhancing anti-trafficking efforts, strengthening law enforcement coordination, improving victim support services, raising public awareness, and elevating the nation's commitment to combat human trafficking effectively.

2. Mapping of TIP Capacities and Initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago, consultations held during April 2023

-This exercise can lead to more effective anti-trafficking efforts, informed policies, improved victim support, strengthened law enforcement response, increased collaboration, heightened public awareness, and better monitoring and evaluation of interventions.

3. Valuable consultations with various stakeholders, including governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and international partners – April 2023 to present

-This helps the big picture by fostering inclusive decision-making, ensuring well-informed policies, promoting effective implementation of initiatives, mobilizing collective resources and expertise, enhancing public trust and ultimately leading to more sustainable and impactful outcomes for the people and processes involved.

4. TIP Social Media Campaign for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, July 30th, 2023

-This is key in the effort to empower individuals, increase identification of victims, challenge perceptions, create lasting awareness, and promote global solidarity in the fight against human trafficking.

Project Team Members

Sharifa Ali-Abdullah – Assistant Resident Representative

Amanda Ackbarali-Ramdial – Programme Associate, CariSECURE 2.0