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The Leveraging Digital Finance to Increase Resilience of ACP countries (DFS4Resilience) project is under the purview of The UNCDF Caribbean Office which currently operates in the Eastern Caribbean region (including Trinidad and Tobago). 

Started in 2022, this four-year programme is supported by the European Union and the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, and implemented by the UN Capital Development Fund. The programme aims to deploy digital finance solutions at scale to deepen financial inclusion and accelerate economic recovery from COVID-19 to make economies and societies more resilient to external shocks.

The USD 17.9 million project covers operations in various ACP countries such as Malawi, Ethiopia, Gabon, Niger, the Pacific and the Eastern Caribbean.

Fast Facts

Value of Project in USD: 

USD 17.9M


4 years


European Union (EU)

Implementing Partners: 


The specific objectives of the Programme include:  

  • To improve digital finance policies and regulations to provide early response to emergencies and create an enabling environment for economic recovery. 
  • To create and strengthen digital finance ecosystems that support low-income individuals in particular women and youth; and MSMEs to mitigate immediate shocks of emergencies and increase economic opportunities. 

Since its inception in February 2022, the 'Digital Finance for Resilience' (DFS4Resilience) programme, a collaborative effort of the UNCDF Caribbean and the European Union, has significantly advanced financial inclusion and digital transformation in the Eastern Caribbean. The initiative, catering to a population of approximately 2.25 million across eight nations, has achieved several noteworthy milestones visualized in the below timelines:

Additional information on the activities that the UNCDF Caribbean Office can be found at Digital Finance for Resilience Project.