COVID-Resilient Elections in Timo-Leste (CORE-TL)

COVID-Resilient Elections in Timo-Leste (CORE-TL)




The COVID-Resilient Elections in Timor-Leste (CORE-TL) Project aims to support the country in conducting COVID-resilient, informed, and inclusive elections at the national and municipal levels.

The CORE-TL Project ultimately supports the sustainable development of Timor-Leste, the achievement of Agenda 2030, and the strengthening of accessible, accountable, and gender-responsive governance systems, institutions, and services.



Timor-Leste faces several development challenges despite noticeable progress since independence in 2002. These challenges have been further exacerbated by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, which resulted in a national State of Emergency in 2020, now extended into 2022, resulting in substantial negative socio-economic consequences for the Timorese people.Moreover, Timor-Leste expects a series of elections at the national and municipal levels in the next three years. This not only presents a risk for the spread of the virus as people gather for the election but equally would hinder and undermine the continued practice of democracy if not conducted.




  • Conducted feasibility study, site assessment, and technical data collectionwith NIPPON KOEI to construct new EMB offices
  • Submitted a Baseline Assessment and Recommendations to theGovernment under the UNDP-IDEA partnership. Developed two handbookmanuals for the president of polling centers and the secretary of pollingstation
  • Procured 405,800 Face masks, 6000 Hand Sanitizers, 660 sets of PPEs,60 Gallons Disinfectants, 30 Pump Machines, 1,600 Thermometers, and2,900 gloves for the COVID-19 safety
  • Provided training to the journalist and media for electoral reporting withthe National Press Council, development of Journalism ReportingGuidelines, production of voter education materials, such as posters,display banners & billboards, TV/Radio programs, and PSAs
  • Completed a Brille literacy training with 120 people with visualimpairments in 12 municipalities, the UN Women-UNDP trainings with300 participants in Covalima and Dili, a youth event “JOVEN VOTA” with210 first-time voters in Dili
  • Procured 12,600 bottles of electoral ink
  • Development of the CNE website - candidates' profiles, programs,complaints registry, tabulation system, and Covid-19 Information

Project Outcome

The project aims to:

  • Support municipal EMB offices to become COVID-resilient, accessible, and green.
  • Address the underlying issues of long-term resilience to pandemics by developing COVID-Resilient Election Plan and Manuals
  • Provide effective and innovative electoral and COVID-19 awareness communication.
  • Strengthen the participation and representation of youth, women, and persons with disabilities in politics
  • Support the procurement of indelible ink.
UNDP CORE-TL project: UNDP-UN Women "Inclusive Elections -Women in politics"


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