Global Compact Network Tanzania challenges companies to disrupt the business-as-usual mindset

On the18th October 2018, The Global Compact Network Tanzania brought together 100 leaders from business with representatives from government, the UN, Civil society and academia to highlight private sector commitment on responsible business practices and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its first Annual General Meeting which followed by election of board of directors. Under theme “Thought Leadership on “Tanzanian Businesses practices towards a sustainable corporate investment

November 3, 2018

GCNT Annual General Meeting 2018 group Photo.

The UN Global Compact is a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. It is a principle-based framework for businesses, stating ten principles in the areas of Human rights, Labour, the Environment, Anti-corruption and Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The UN Global Compact’s tenth principle against corruption underlines the shared responsibility and willingness of the private sector to play its part in reducing corruption. Members of the Global Compact Network Tanzania (GCNT) will use this opportunity to reflect on the theme of the meeting specifically, the state of business practices in Tanzania, ethical business leadership and re- building of trust between public and private sectors.

Emmanuel Nnko, UNGC Coordinator facilitating on one of the session

The UN Global Compact is uniquely prepared and positioned to lead business in the SDG era,” said UNGCNT Coordinator Emmanuel Nnko. “Achieving the SDGs will require unique cooperation, radical innovation and extraordinary leadership. That means taking personal and corporate responsibility for how we do business and who we choose as our staff and partners. It means taking stock of our decisions as consumers and investors. It means raising our voices and taking a stand when it matters. The United Nations Global Compact is the forum to make all this happen

Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka GCNT Chairperson

Speaking at the event Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka – GCNT Ag. Chairman said “It is clear, that with a puzzle (environmental, social, and governance challenges) this large, governments cannot solve it alone. Together with the public sector and civil society, business plays a critical role in achieving sustainable development”

On behalf of UNDP Country Director Mr. Ernest Salla giving welcome remarks

Speaking at the event Ernest Salla - UNDP, Program Specialist & Head of Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Livelihood Pillar said “I count on Tanzanian companies to take lead on GCNT through embracing the ten principles and advancing the sustainable development goals” 

Dr. Ludovick Nduhiye Deputy permanent secretary for Ministry of Industries,

Opening the Meeting, Ludovick J. Nduhiye, deputy permanent secretary at Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, underscores the urgency of business to act more responsibly engagement on sustainability practices. “Consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact”. 

Participants from private sector giving his contributions during Plenary Discussion

Representatives of private sector, civil society presented concrete examples of their company’s contribution to advance different areas of sustainable development, from providing a platform for discussing sustainability challenges and identifying best practices, to developing technical guidelines and providing trainings, and engaging in policy advocacy

Global Compact Network Tanzania and UNDP subsequently agreed that, while the Network provides momentum to the businesses, Civil society, government and media to discuss and learn their major roles in advancing sustainable practices and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but opened further opportunities for collaboration with private sector, government, UN agencies, civil societies and development partners. Through their extensive networks, Private Sector players and Civil Societies they serve as key platforms for sharing knowledge and know-how on integrating sustainability measures into company operations

“Together with the public sector and civil society, business plays a critical role in achieving sustainable development” said Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka – GCNT Ag. Chairman at the first Annual General Meeting of The Global Compact Network Tanzania, bringing together 100 leaders from the business sector, government, the UN, civil society and academia. UNDP is supporting the establishment and consolidation of the UN Global Compact Network Tanzania

UNGCNT works on engaging the private sector’s resources and expertise in boosting economic development. Its Inclusive Business Solution initiative invites private sector to channel their resources allocated under Corporate Social Responsibility to development projects for impact on shared economic growth.

Event Moderator – Dr. Ellen Ottaro during the opening of the 2018 GCNT Annual General Meeting

UNDPTZ-Mr-Fitsum G. Abraha-UNDP Senior economic advisor higiving his remarks

Under the UNDP Country Programme Document for Tanzania 2017 - 2020, UNDP is supporting the establishment and consolidation of UN Global Compact Network Tanzania. One of the outcomes is that the economy is increasingly transformed for greater pro-poor inclusiveness, competitiveness and increased opportunities for decent and productive employment.

Plenary Session; From right Moderator Ms. Mesiya Mwangoka, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at NESTLE EAR Ms. Marsha Yambi, ILO Senior Programme Officer Anthony Rutabanzibwa and Sustainability Practice and UNGCNT National Coordinator, Emmanuel Nnko

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