Women Leaders from Central Asia discussed gender equality in the context of adaptation to climate change in Central Asia

September 16, 2023
Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

Dushanbe, September 14, 2023 – With support from UNDP in Tajikistan, the Committee on Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan hosted a Dialogue of Women Leaders of Central Asia on gender equality in the context of adaptation to climate change. The event took place in Dushanbe within the context of the Fifth Consultative Meeting of the Heads of Central Asian States.  

The regional dialogue was led by high-level women political leaders from the five Central Asian countries were the Deputy Prime Minister of Tajikistan, the Chairperson of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, Deputy Majlis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Deputy Toraga Zhogorku Kenesh of Kyrgyzstan and the Chairperson of the Committee of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan with participants from government institutions, international organisations, academia and civil society organizations. All speakers emphasized the importance of focusing on gender equality, promoting women’s empowerment, addressing vulnerabilities that affect women due to climate change, and the importance of partnership, dialogue and collaboration across the region. 

SRSG and Head of the Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia (RCCA), Mr. Kakha Imnadze highlighted how this Dialogue of Women Leaders of Central Asia has been a platform to support women in the region, increase their political, economic and social role, expand their opportunities to participate in the decision-making process, and strengthen cooperation between women parliamentarians in the region.

“We must have a holistic approach to effectively address both climate change and gender inequality simultaneously in order to ensure a resilient, sustainable and safe future for all” said Lazima Onta Bhatta, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Tajikistan. She also highlighted the need for more women to be in decision-making positions.

Together with RCCA, UNDP has been supporting the Regional Meeting of the Members of the Dialogue of Central Asian Women Leaders since its creation.