Focus Areas

Sustainability and Inclusive Local Economic Development


    The Sustainability and inclusive local economic development Cluster in Sierra Leone promotes the nexus between reducing environmental vulnerability, building disaster resilience and poverty eradication by supporting sustainable and equitable natural resource management, strengthening national capacities to recover from and build resilience against natural disasters, and Improving access to sustainable income-generating opportunities to reduce inequalities.

    Under the Sustainability and inclusive local economic development Cluster, UNDP Sierra Leone work on three programmatic areas:

    1. Reducing environmental vulnerability
    2. Building climate and disaster resilience
    3. Inclusive local economic development

    Boats of local fishermen at Sulima, Pujehun District

    UNDP/ Mohamed Kanu


      In Depth

      On reducing environmental vulnerability, UNDP supports land reform policy implementation in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone the private sector to improve access to land for women and persons with disabilities; rehabilitate and protect mangrove ecosystems, reduce deforestation and land degradation, manage the use of community natural assets and support sustainable livelihoods; support the expansion of sustainable ecotourism for job creation; and support development of renewable, affordable and efficient energy solutions through private sector partnerships.


      On building climate and disaster resilience, UNDP supports disaster risk management policies and the transformation of the Disaster Management Department into now an independent agency; mitigation and preparedness work, including for health emergencies, through the expansion and strengthening of the capacities of community disaster management committees and the Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency; and strengthening of partnerships with the GEF, GCF, World Agroforestry Centre, Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers, and the World Health Organization to improve UNDP research and thought leadership role.


      On inclusive local economic development, UNDP Sierra Leone takes to scale its multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships for local private sector development and revenue generation initiative as the platform for achieving local economic development. The Cluster supports employability of youths (focusing on women and persons with disabilities), expands its graduate internship programme and career advisory and placement services, in alignment with the National Youth Service; promotes mass job creation through support to value chains in the agricultural, mining and fishery sectors, including promoting farm-to-market networks and community cooperatives; expands the business development services programme in partnership with UNCDF and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to link beneficiaries to financial services; supports harmonization of maritime policies and strategies of MRU countries to reduce illegal fishing and other maritime-related criminality; and builds awareness about harnessing the blue economy in all targeted coastal districts.