Fostering Peaceful, Credible and Inclusive Elections in Sierra Leone 2022-2023


What is the project about?

The project is articulated around the three outcome areas derived from SDG16 and related SDGs in particular SDG 5 and 10. It seeks to enhance the Capacity of the institutions responsible for the organization of elections in Sierra Leone, such as the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC), the Judiciary and the Security Sector, to enhance credibility and trust in the electoral processes. It also aims to enhance Transparency of and Inclusion in the electoral processes by promoting citizen engagement, information sharing and Information integrity by working with a range of stakeholders, including the Independent Commissions and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). UN Peace Building Funding (UNPBF) provided to UNDP/UNICEF will support joint efforts to mitigate electoral violence including violence against women and contribute to the promotion of a peaceful environment in Sierra Leone before, during and after the 2023 elections. Both elections and peacebuilding components of the project will be managed and coordinated by the UNDP Elections Project.


Sierra Leone continues to demonstrate resilience by achieving significant progress in building state institutions and maintaining stability as part of its post-conflict peacebuilding and reconstruction agenda. Yet, at the same time, the peaceful environment maintained over the past 20 years is facing threats that the government and its development partners should address to avoid a major conflict, especially as the country moves closer to the elections in 2023. Further, the marginal inclusion and representation of women, youth and people living with disability in governance and electoral processes poses additional challenges to the wholistic development of the country. Some policy actions since 2018 elections – GEWE policy (2020) and the Draft Bill (2021), National Youth Policy (2020), the repeal of Part V of the Public Order Act and Electoral Legal Reforms are signals of progressive action to improve the maintenance of democracy. In line with the Government of Sierra Leone request to the UNSG for support to the 2023 electoral cycle and the subsequent Needs Assessment Mission recommendations, UNDP in consultation with MDAs, CSOs and Development partners developed the Elections Project document “Fostering Peaceful, Credible and Inclusive Elections in Sierra Leone 2022-2023.”

Expected Achievements

  • Institutional capacity of electoral stakeholders is enhanced
  • Transparency in the electoral process is enhanced
  • Inclusion in electoral processes is promoted and citizen engagement is strengthened

Key Results


Women political leaders & representatives trained


Gender and Disability Coordination groups established in 10 districts


Peace Mothers and Women Trained


Voter education campaign

Over $10

Million resources mobilized for elections project


Youth political leaders trained