Sierra Leone launches SDG Investor Map to accelerate sustainable development through private sector contributions

December 11, 2023

Fred Ampiah, Resident Representative of UNDP sandwiched by the Minister of Gender and Children Affairs, Dr. Isata Mahoi (to the right) and the Minister of MOPED ( to the left)

UNDP Sierra Leone/Isata Kamara

Freetown, Sierra Leone, December 1, 2023 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Sierra Leone have launched the Sierra Leone SDG Investor Map. It is a tool that helps investors find investment opportunities that can help achieve national development objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sierra Leone. 


The SDG Investor Map is part of the UNDP Sustainable Finance Hub (SFH) initiative SDG Impact, which aims to provide investors with tools and services to help them contribute to the SDGs. It was developed in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone and relevant ministries led by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Departments  and agencies (MDAs) to ensure the investment themes are aligned with government policies and national development needs, and that hold a significant potential to advance the SDGs.


The SDG Investor Map provides a comprehensive overview of the country’s macroeconomic and development context, as well as detailed analyses of four key sectors for investment: Food and Beverage, Renewable Resources and Alternative Energy, Education, and Health. It highlights the potential impact, market size, growth drivers, challenges, and enabling policies for each sector, as well as specific investment opportunity areas and business models that can generate both financial returns and positive social and environmental impact. 


The SDG Investor Map is publicly accessible on a digital platform that allows users to access and explore the data and insights in an interactive and user-friendly way. The platform enables users to filter and compare investment opportunities across sectors, SDGs, and impact indicators You can access the Sierra SDG Investor Map via   SDG Investor Map Platform.


The launch of the SDG Investor Map will initiate the process of enabling more capital to flow towards national development objectives and the SDGs in Sierra Leone. It will also promote dialogue and collaboration between public and private sector actors to create a conducive environment for sustainable and inclusive development by addressing some of the barriers hindering greater private sector contributions towards sustainable development progress.


Mr. Fred Ampiah, the UNDP Resident Representative in Sierra Leone, said, “The SDG Investor Map is not just a document or a tool; it is a powerful catalyst for change. It serves as a comprehensive guide, providing invaluable insights into investment opportunities in Sierra Leone, through evidence-based insights that align with the SDGs. It will provide market intelligence; help unlock and facilitate the alignment of private investment and capital for the SDGs. It showcases the immense potential and empower investors with clarity and insights that our country holds for investors.”



The Sierra Leone SDG Investor Map is expected to contribute to the broader Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) initiative by broadening private sector investment and participation. It provides comprehensive market intelligence across the country’s priority sectors where development needs and policy priorities overlap, and where private capital can make a difference to sustainable development. 


UNDP is committed to facilitating in-country reflection on how to mobilize capital towards the SDG priorities and engage national stakeholders and investors.



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