Open Data Guide


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Open Data Guide

November 6, 2019

“Open Data Guide” was developed as a source of relevant information for all stakeholders in the open data ecosystem in Serbia. The Guide offers content on main concepts in the world of data, starting with open data definition, reuse, Open Data Portal as a main focal point for all open data released by the state, to legal framework which introduced right to data in Serbia, but also made open data release mandatory for the state bodies. Also, the Guide offers a review of actors, resources and tools available as a support to stakeholders in the open data ecosystem in Serbia.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports the development of the open data ecosystem in Serbia, through stimulation of the open data reuse, promotion of reuse cases and benefits of open data and capacity building of various stakeholders for open data release and reuse. This publication was developed in the scope of the project “Open Data – Open Opportunities”, implemented by Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment, with the support of the United Kingdom Good Governance Fund and the World Bank.

Currently available only in Serbian. 

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