The potential impact of open data in Serbia


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The potential impact of open data in Serbia

June 6, 2019

In the discussion about further opening up access to government held public data, quite often questions arise concerning the possible socio-economic impact one can expect. These questions usually emerge when decisions are to be made concerning the amount of effort put into opening up data and the corresponding expected costs.

In the past decade therefore, various studies have been undertaken into the impact of open data, in different countries, in different sectors. Good contextualisation of existing study results to the current situation in Serbia can be of use to overcome institutional reluctance to open up data and help prioritise domains and data sets to be opened up.

This report is a literature review meant to provide that contextualisation by answering the questions which impact of open data has already been demonstrated elsewhere and how that can be mapped onto the Serbian context and Serbian policy priorities, as well as how such impact might be measured moving forward.

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