Third Rwanda National Human Development Report - 2021

Third Rwanda National Human Development Report - 2021

August 12, 2021

The third Rwanda National Human Development Report (NHDR) was inspired by the impressive progress that Rwanda has made over 15 years in the spheres of good governance, economic growth and human development, particularly considering the post-genocide challenges. HGSs have served as a catalyst towards achieving this progress.

Hence, this Report, Policy Innovations and Human Development: Rwanda’s home-grown solutions aims to analyse and document the contribution of HGSs to human development progress.

This Report analyses the contribution of home-grown solutions (HGSs), which are locally designed or adapted policy innovations to the progress made by Rwanda in human development.

The Report is based on three fundamental premises: innovative policies contribute to achieving rapid economic growth and improvement in human development outcomes; citizens need to participate effectively to economic transformation to positively affect human development; and interventions must be tailored to citizens’ specific needs, aspirations and socio-cultural circumstances for citizens to effectively participate in and own these development processes.

Finally, HGSs, which are developed and refined locally, can effectively ensure economic transformation is inclusive, sustainable and benefits human development.