What is Quantum?

What is Quantum?


The Sustainable Development Goals and emerging global issues are reshaping how the UN operates and delivers results. They demand we rethink how we work and partner with others.

Our current enterprise resources planning (ERP) system, ATLAS, has formed the operational and financial backbone of the UN System for more than a decade and has begun to feel the strain. Built using technology that will soon be unsupported, new investments needed to sustain this system are no longer viable.

In 2020, a multi-stakeholder, multi-year project was launched to replace the current ERP with a future-proofed, cloud-based digital engagement platform. It’s called Quantum. 


Why Quantum?

Quantum represents a major advance or leap forward – something our new management system aims to deliver to UNDP and the partners we serve. Quantum also refers to a new frontier of technologies that are transformative.

Harnessing cloud-based technology, Quantum will offer a range of expanded features and integrations that, over time, will streamline the platforms ecosystem we each interact with in our daily work and will facilitate new and simplified ways of working and collaborating.

Quantum will:

Provide a collaboration platform that is easy to use, accessible from any devices and supports multiple languages

Simplify transaction for faster processing and integrates with other corporate systems to iimprove efficiencies

Improve operational effectiveness, strengthen internal controls and streamline business processes in-line with leading industry-practices

Increase end-to-end process transparency helping mitigate organizational risks

Enable data-driven decision making by consolidating data sources, improving data integrity and enhancing reporting capabilities

Support a greener UN by reducing paper-based transactions and processes

What's changing?


For most of us, the biggest change will be moving to a new, more intuitive and interactive platform that delivers existing and new services, as well as a range of expanded capabilities.

User collaboration and end-to-end process transparency are at the core of the Quantum platform. It will let you submit self-service requests digitally on one platform instead of through email, while embedded social engagement tools allow you to track your cases every step of the way – from your desktop, phone or any other mobile device.

At the organization level, this high-calibre, fit-for-purpose application will help systemize processes such as recruitment, sourcing, partnership management and strategic planning. It will also enable future business transformations that deliver further efficiencies and cost savings that can support programme goals across the UN system.

How will it work?