Procurement & Logistics

The Quantum procurement module will for the first time deliver a digitized end-to-end procurement solution – from planning to payment. Integrated with UNall, it will improve the procurement workflow, increase process transparency, and allow for better vendor and supplier management globally. It also offers a modern online shopping cart experience to help offices worldwide identify compare and order supplies easily. Watch this video for more information about Quantum Procurement and Logistics module.

Key changes


Complete procurement solution – from planning to payment


Full visibility of the end-to-end procurement process and enhanced delivery through fully integrated and optimized processes. Procure goods and services through a modern "shopping cart" experience that allows you to procure from all UNDP and UN partner approved suppliers around the world through configured catalogues.  

A single vendor database

Global repository of vendors that can be leveraged across offices.

New supplier portal



Suppliers can see opportunities, manage orders, submit invoices and payments digitally, eliminating off-line process and streamlining the vendor management process. 

Online catalogue enables access to LTA’s



Improved spend management, strengthened analytics, greater access to volume discounts and enhanced operational efficiencies/productivity due to reduced procurement times.

Control framework is embedded across the cloud process

Increased risk management and compliance, from field validation to automated approval workflows. 


Function-specific Benefits