Supporting the Moldovan authorities in the sustainable management of the Nistru river

Duration:2022 – 2026
Coverage:Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries:Ministry Environment and its subordinate institutions, including Apele Moldovei Agency, Environment Agency, Environmental Protection Inspectorate, State Hidrometerological Service etc.
Focus Area:Climate Change, Environment & Energy
Partners:Parliament of Moldova, Government of Moldova, Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Education and Research, State Hydrometeorological Service, Hydrogeological Expedition, National Ecological Fund, Local Public Authorities, NGOs, environmental authorities, including NGOs on the left bank of the Nistru, Ukrainian authorities
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Project Summary:

The sustainable management of water resources in accordance with the principle of integrated water management is the priority of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, according to the commitments of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. In addition to further developing water policy and improving the regulatory framework, the Ministry of Environment, with the support of its subordinate institutions, is responsible for ensuring continuous dialogue with neighboring countries on the integrated management of transboundary water resources, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the quantity and the quality of water needed both for sustainable socio-economic development and for a healthy environment. This project aims are to improve the national regulatory framework, harmonize environmental legislation with the provisions of EU directives, develop the 2nd Management Plan for the Nistru river basin district, provide support in the sustainable management of the river, both at the national level, as well as cross-border/international, carrying out the necessary activities to improve the current ecological conditions of the Nistru.


  • To ensure that Moldova has sufficient regulatory framework for the sustainable Nistru river management based on the basin EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) provisions;
  • To provide the Moldovan Government for comprehensive and realistic Management Plan for the Nistru river basin developed in compliance with the WFD;
  • To provide continuous support for enhancement of capacities of national authorities responsible for water management, as well as the Moldovan representatives under the joint Moldovan and Ukrainian bodies tasked with cross-border management of the Nistru river;
  • To improve social, economic, and environmental conditions of the Nistru river.

Expected results:

  • Better management and protection of water towards prevention deterioration and enhancement status of aquatic ecosystems;
  • Water quality improvements are achieved through a basin wide approach to water management;
  • Improved transboundary cooperation on joint management of the Nistru river basin;
  • Better management of the Dniester Hydropower Complex in view of social and environmental needs downstream;
  • Capacities of the Apele Moldovei Agency as a key national water management institution enhanced;
  • Capacity development for transboundary water quality monitoring;
  • Nistru river spring ecological discharge optimization study;
  • Chemical status of water bodies in the Nistru river basin;
  • Strengthening of potential of central and local environmental authorities in fishery policy;
  • Ecosystem services' capacity of Lower Nistru river enhanced.