Supporting the e-transformation of policing processes related to contravention cases

Duration:2022 – 2025
Beneficiaries:Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Police Inspectorate, other subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police recruits and students
Focus Area:Effective Governance, Justice & Human Rights
Partners:Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), General Police Inspectorate (GPI)
Project Document:Supporting the e-transformation of policing processes related to contravention cases
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Project Summary:

Digital transformation is essential for the police service to stay relevant, effective and responsive in its approach to protecting and serving the public. Building upon the MIA’s aspirations to e-transform internal processes and enhance the quality of services delivered, the project will strengthen institutional capacities, update (to the extent necessary) the regulatory framework and develop a modern and scalable software solution to enable an environment for nurturing next-generation police operations, supported by skills, knowledge and tools compliant with the demand for modern-style policing. The support in accelerating e-transformation of police operations in contravention cases, targeted through this project, should also lead to improved quality of policing services in Moldova. As a result of digitally enabled engagement between the police and the individual, the general trust to the police system could increase. Taken together, these results can increase public confidence in and support for law enforcement and justice processes, enhancing system performance and, ultimately, the integrity of the law.


  • Foster a more effective, professional and accountable police service by accelerating the digital transformation of police operations in contravention cases.

Expected results:

  • Amendments to the regulatory framework to operationalize the implementation of the e-contravention case management system developed and submitted for endorsement;

  • E-contravention case management system operational and in use;
  • At least 500 police staff trained to use the e-contravention case management system;
  • At least 3000 people reached out through the awareness raising activities about the e-contravention system.


  • Business analysis and technical specifications for the implementation of the e-contravention case management system developed.