The Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility

Duration:2012 – 2024
Budget:US$3.64 million
Donor:Global Environment Facility
Coverage:Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries:CSOs. These include the Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-based Organizations (CBOs), community groups, research institutions
Focus Area:Climate Change, Environment & Energy
Partners:Ministry of Environment, NGOs, Local Public Authorities, Civil Society, Donor Organizations
Project Document:GEF SGP Country Programme Strategy (CPS) OP 7, for the period 2020-2024 


Project Summary:

Launched in 1992, SGP supports activities of non-governmental and community-based organizations in developing countries towards climate change abatement, conservation of biodiversity, protection of international waters, reduction of the impact of persistent organic pollutants and prevention of land degradation while generating sustainable livelihoods.


  • Promote and support innovative, inclusive and impactful initiatives, as well as encourage partnerships of multiple actors at local level to address global environmental issues in priority land landscapes;
  • Develop community-level strategies and implement technologies that could reduce threats to the global environment if they are replicated over time;
  • Gather lessons from community-level experience and initiate the sharing of successful community-level strategies and innovations among CSOs and NGOs, host governments, development aid agencies, GEF and others working on a regional or global scale;
  • Build partnerships and networks of stakeholders to support and strengthen community, NGO and national capacities to address global environmental problems and promote sustainable development.

Expected results:

  • Community Landscape Conservation;
  • Capacity development for resilient and low-emission urban development through integrated and inclusive community-driven solutions;
  • Promoting the Low Carbon Energy Access Co-benefits;
  • Promoting the Local to Global Chemical Management Coalitions;
  • Catalyzing sustainable urban solutions
  • Developing the CSO-Government Policy and Planning Dialogue Platforms (Grant-makers+);
  • Promoting Social Inclusion (Grant-makers+);
  • Contribution to global knowledge management platforms.


  • 60 projects are successfully completed, and 6 projects are under execution;
  • 1104 tons of CO2 are decreased or avoided by energy efficient and renewable energy technologies introduced within SGP projects;
  • 73,5 ha of forest plantations and 28 ha of forest strips were created;
  • 600 farmers and more than 1000 students enhanced their capacities and skills on organic agriculture and sustainable management of agricultural land;
  • 120 tons of e-waste and 1500 tons of recyclable waste collected and recycled;
  • 355,299 people benefit from the implemented projects within SGP programme;
  • 57,688 women participated/got involved in SGP projects.
GEF (Global Environment Facility)European Union
2013$400,000   $189,970
2014 $200,000  $191,600  
2015  $195,417  
2016$450,000 $161,097  
2017$420,000   $305,874  
2018  $257,522  
2019$400,000 $766,012  
2020$250,000   $253,000
2021$250,000 $250,000
2022$270,000 $146,306
2023$470,000 $418,600