Multidimensional response to emerging human security challenges in Moldova

Duration:2023 – 2024
Donor:Government of Japan
Coverage:Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Energy, Energy Efficiency Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Food Safety Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Police Inspectorate, Ministry of Economy, Economic Council under the Prime Minister

Focus Area:Inclusive Growth
Partners:Congress of Local Authorities, local public institutions, community groups, E-governance Agency, European Space Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, private sector, civil society organizations, academia   
Project Document:Multidimensional response to emerging human security challenges  in Moldova
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Project Summary:

Moldova is facing a compound crisis of energy and food security, curtailed economic growth, growing inflation, limited institutional capacities and divisions in society, aggravated by the continuing socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The influx of refugees presents an additional challenge that requires sustained attention and support from the international community. Without urgent intervention, the deepening socio-economic, energy, food and human security crises has the potential to derail the trajectory of development, and drastically increase human suffering of people in Moldova, whether Ukrainian refugees, third country nationals, or Moldovan citizens (including those from minority ethnic groups). There are risks of massive outmigration and brain drain, as an immediate impact of the worsening of the socio-economic situation, depleting the country of its major asset: human capital.

With this project, UNDP ensures that immediate humanitarian assistance is complemented by development efforts across three core insecurities (energy, food, community) to protect and maintain vital systems, structures and a capacity to support Moldova’s resilience.


The overall objective of the intervention is to protect human security and enhance the resilience of the Republic of Moldova, in order to address the multifaceted and interconnected challenges of the current socioeconomic, food and energy shocks.

The three specific objectives are:

  • To enhance people’s energy security through access to affordable energy that supports livelihoods and energy-efficient production;
  • To enhance food security by supporting the government to implement its Food Security Strategy, thereby strengthening the capacities of agricultural producers affected by the compound crises;
  • To enhance community security by strengthening the capacities of the police service and community actors to deliver on the principles of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.

Expected results:

  • 20,000 people will benefit of reinforced biomass heating activities;
  • 10 MSMEs from non-agricultural sectors supported to reduce the environmental impact and improve their efficiency;
  • 20 households with economic activities implementing energy-efficient technologies;
  • Food poverty measurement and monitoring mechanism established;
  • Farmers’ Digital Registry as a reliable information platform on farmers and their activity within the country;
  • The Social Tension Monitoring Mechanism rolled out in at least 10 communities, especially in those where there is a high density of refugee population;
  • 10 first response police teams in 5 districts with high number of settled refugees with enhanced mobility and rapid response capacities;
  • At least 6 police teams across the country (north, centre and south districts) equipped and trained to use smart policing tools to address emerging public security threats.


  • 10 MSMEs from non-agricultural sectors have been granted support to reduce the environmental impacts of their business and improve their efficiency;
  • 10 MSMEs from agricultural sector have been granted support to enhance their capacity and comply with food safety and other standards;
  • The development of the digital Farmers’ Digital Registry as a reliable information platform on farmers and their activity in Moldova is ongoing;
  • 10 police response teams have been equipped with 125 body cameras for proper detection and documentation of public order violation.  
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