When regional cooperation meets national commitment: The Republic of Moldova establishes its SALW Commission

March 6, 2018

Milestone reached in ensuring a coordinated approach to arms control in South East Europe as the Republic of Moldova establishes its small arms and light weapons (SALW) Commission.

Since 2002, SEESAC has been pioneering an approach to SALW Control in South East Europe based on coordination of efforts and resources through regional cooperation and information sharing, to match governments’ needs while also following global development trends. With the Republic of Moldova being part of this approach from the beginning, SEESAC welcomes the recent establishment of a SALW Commission in the country.

The newly established SALW Commission aims to coordinate and monitor all national efforts related to SALW control. Beyond this, it further strengthens the country's commitments as part of the European Union (EU) action plan regarding SALW Control and other international commitments like the United Nations Programme of Action.

The State Secretary from the Ministry of Interior has been appointed as President of the Commission while State Secretaries from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Ministry of Defense will act as vice presidents. The structure of the SALW Commission will involve the Ministries of Justice, Finance, Economics and Infrastructure, the General Police Inspectorate, the Information and Security Service and the Customs Service.

Acknowledging the threat posed by SALW misuse for international peace and stability, the commission’s activity will focus on complying with EU association agreement commitments regarding SALW and ammunition control including regulations regarding production and transport, enhanced management of surplus SALW and ammunition and measures to stop the uncontrolled spread of these weapons. More information can be found in the Government Decision establishing the SALW Commission available here (in Romanian only).

SEESAC’s regional cooperation activities are supported within the framework of EU COUNCIL DECISION (CFSP) 2016/2356 to diminish the risks posed by SALW and ammunition in South East Europe.