Safe hikes thanks to tourist signs installed with EU and UNDP support

September 27, 2023

Six information boards and tourist signs have been placed in the nature reserves of Țîpova, Saharna and Iagorlîc. The signs were installed with the support of the EU "Confidence Building Measures" Programme, implemented by UNDP.

The information boards contain useful information for hikers, such as details about the reserve, the flora and fauna specific to the area, and signposts that guide tourists safely along the trails.

An ecotourism information centre has also been set up in the immediate vicinity of the Țîpova monastery. The centre is also open on Saturdays and Sundays and prior appointment is required for weekdays.

Signs and signposts give guides and tourists the rules of conduct in a nature reserve. It also promotes the idea of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.

With support from the EU and UNDP, the Tourism Platform has also been set up, connecting tourism professionals on both sides of the Nistru River. Ten tour guides from both banks of the Nistru River have also been certified. A new specialization was included at the Academy of Economic Studies - related to destination management organizations.

At the same time, more than 444 tourist attractions on the left bank of the Nistru and 1060 - on the right bank of the Nistru were mapped.